Texas Pistache (Pistacia texana)
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|shrubs/small trees|evergreen|height 12-20'|spread 15-20'|sun/part shade|foilage bronze/purple in Fall|wildlife food|
Texas Pistache (Pistacia texana) Texas Pistache (Pistacia texana)

This rare, evergreen tree from the Southwestern part of the state is an ideal choice for quickly screening out noise and poor views. Mature Texas pistache is a striking specimen tree, with its delicate foilage and attractive white, peeling bark. Trees are sexed, with female trees predominating. The small forming fruit is red, turning black as it dries. It is a favorite treat of songbirds and other wildlife. Foilage turns bronze/purple in the Fall and leaves regrow in late Winter.

Texas pistache is generally deer-resistant but tips will be nipped back when plants are small. We recommend only the most well drained locations for the plant, as it is susceptible to damage from prolonged contact with soggy soil.

The fruit is a favorite treat of songbirds


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