Mexican Orchid Tree (Bauhinia mexicana)
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|shrubs|deciduous|height 4-8'|spread 4-6'|sun/bright shade|white/pink flowers in Summer|attracts butterflies/hummingbirds|
Mexican Orchid Tree (Bauhinia mexicana) Mexican Orchid Tree (Bauhinia mexicana)

Here's a must-have for the serious butterfly gardener. The Mexican Orchid Tree forms a multi-trunked small tree/shrub covered with showy white/pink flowers all summer long, and often blooms on into Fall. It prefers a southern exposure in a somewhat protected spot but handles bright, part-day sun in any area of your landscape. This Bauhinia is perfect for planting in front of windows where you can watch a steady stream of large swallowtails come calling. Not to be outdone, hummingbirds dart among the butterflies to get their share of nectar. The plant freezes back to the ground in cold winters but quickly recovers full size and flowering quality by the next blooming season.

Mexican Orchid Tree is deer resistant.

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