"Grow Low" Aromatic Sumac (Rhus aromatica cult. "Grow Low")
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|shrubs|evergreen|height 18-24'|spread to 8'|full sun|colorful foilage|

Aromatic Sumac (Rhus aromatica cult. "Grow Low")

I first saw this ornamental in a steep hillside garden in El Paso, Texas. It was so cool! After searching for years I finally located some liners for sale and will have some three gallon plants ready for summer 2010. The literature suggests the height as 18" to 24" and the spread to 8'. This super drought tolerant woody groundcover(?) has both a fantastic growth form, full color of orange, red and purples as well as a ground-hugging, peeling coppery bark. It's a fabulous container plant or specimen for hills, ledges, etc. for the Southwest U.S. This plant was made for our heat, sun, poor soil and low water sites. These will be ready June 15, 2010.

"Grow Low" Aromatic Sumac is deer resistant (proof?) as well.

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