Flameleaf Sumac (Rhus lanceolata)
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|shrubs/small trees|deciduous|height 12-20'|spread 10-15'|sun/part shade|white flowers in Spring|Fall color|wildlife food|
Sumac flowers feed honeybees and bumblebees

Flameleaf Sumac (Rhus lanceolata)

Common on roadsides throughout the Hill Country, this small tree provides seasonal interest with large displays of white flowers in late Spring followed by masses of bright red berries in the late Summer. The numerous blooms provide food for bumblebees and the berries are a favorite treat of small mammals and migratory birds. In the Fall, the striking leaves turn brilliant shades of orange reds, yellows and purples. The plant is fast growing and does well in heat and poor soils, requiring minimal water to thrive even on steep caliche hillsides.

Flameleaf Sumac is deer-resistant.

Red berries feed migratory birds and small mammals
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