Evergreen Sumac (Rhus virens)
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|shrubs|evergreen|height 3-5'|spread 5-8'|sun/part shade|red berries in Fall|wildlife food|
Evergreen Sumac (Rhus virens) Evergreen Sumac (Rhus virens)

Common throughout the Hill Country, this attractive shrub is evergreen except in the coldest winters (below 5 degrees). Occasionally the plant can be found in a tree form (up to 15') - as seen at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve near Austin.

Shiny, dark green leaves and bright red fruit make Evergreen Sumac an especially appealing addition to the landscape. However, it must have very good drainage. It does not take well to pruning and can be killed by overwatering. In addition, deer adore the plant and will torture it mercilessly until mature.

The ripe berries are a favorite of songbirds and American Indians collected them to use in making a refreshing drink.

The ripe berries are a favorite of songbirds
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