Bird Pepper (Chile piquin)
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|shrubs|deciduous|height 3'|spread 2'|sun/shade|white flowers Spring to Fall|wildlife food|
Bird Pepper (Chile piquin) Bird Pepper (Chile piquin)

A favorite for spicing up Mexican dishes, this diminutive pepper is also an irresistable treat for local songbirds and our flock of chickens and guineas. In the wild, the plant is found on ledges along rivers, in thickets, and along arroyos of the Edward's Plateau and south Texas. Madrone Nursery's chile piquins originated with a start from a hardy plant that has been cultivated by a friend's family for over 80 years. These have excellent freeze-tolerance and provide a bounty of very tasty peppers for cooking and sharing.

Chile piquin is deer-resistant.

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