Carolina Buckthorn (Rhamnus caroliniana)
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|shrubs/small trees|deciduous|height 12-20'|spread 15'|sun/part shade|Fall color|bird food|
Carolina Buckthorn (Rhamnus carolinianus)

Carolina Buckthorn (Rhamnus caroliniana)

This small tree with dark glossy green leaves is an ideal understory specimen. Carolina Buckthorn has inconspicuous white flowers in Summer, but makes loads of colorful berries in the Fall that shade from apricot to blue/black over time. The berries are a favorite food of migrating birds.The tree is tolerant of any soil type and grows quickly to its full height but can be pruned to any size. Fall color is an attractive yellow.This is one plant that definitely deserves to be more widely planted as it is very attractive and extra hardy.

Carolina Buckthorn is deer-resistant.

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