Boneset (Eupatorium sp.)
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|shrubs|deciduous|height varies|spread varies|sun/part shade|blue/white flowers Spring to Fall|attracts butterflies|
Blue Boneset (Eupatorium odoratum) Boneset (Eupatorium sp.)

This genus of the Astraceae is well represented in our area, with three species suitable for the landscape. All are guaranteed butterfly magnets.

White Boneset (Eupatorium havanese) is found throughout the Hill Country in sunny limestone roadcuts to shaded thickets. It forms a woody shrub 4-6' across and up to 4' tall. It is covered every Fall with thousands of white, heavily scented flowers in numerous clusters. Once established, this variety also blooms in Spring and Summer as well.

Blue Boneset (Eupatorium odoratum) forms large shrubs 6-8' high in sun or shade. It freezes to the ground in unprotected areas but recovers full size each season. Showy, blue/purple flowers continue all Summer and bring in an incredible quantity of gorgeous butterflies.Gregg's Boneset (Eupatorium gregii)

Eupatorium Greggii is a herbaceous perennial that forms colonies which cover available space. This species flowers all Summer with lavender flower clusters. It is tolerant of poor soils, minimal water and hot sun.

Boneset is deer-resistant.

White Boneset (Eupatorium havanese)
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