Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens cult. "Industry Standard"
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|shrubs|evergreen|height to 6'|spread 4-6'|sun/part shade|pink flowers Spring to Fall|attracts butterflies/bumblebees|
"Industry Standard" blooms are 30-50% larger than other varieties Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens cult. "Industry Standard"-1994 introduction)

Found as a seedling in our propagation greenhouse in 1992, Madrone Nursery's "Industry Standard" cenizo is likely a cross between "Green Cloud" and "compacta". The outstanding feature of this selection is its ability to hold a leaf for years. Thus, "Industry Standard" retains a full aspect from base to tip, in contrast to most (if not all!) other cultivars. This is especially important in cool, wet springs or summers. The plant is extremely shade tolerant with large, sage green leaves and abundant deep pink flowers that are 30-50% larger than standard varieties.

"Industry Standard" Cenizo is insect and deer-resistant and makes an excellent evergreen hedge.

Flowers are 30-50% larger than standard varieties
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