CLover Fern (Marsilea macropoda)
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|groundcovers/ferns|evergreen|height 4-8"|spread 6-10"|part/full shade|blue flowers in Spring|
Missouri Violet (Viola missouriensis) Missouri Violet (Viola missouriensis)

Often found in open woodlands, this plant's charming and delicate appearance belies its rugged nature. Missouri Violet stands up to wide swings in temperature, drought and flooding. In early Spring the intricately patterned flowers rise up on short stalks held 1-2" above the foilage and continue their showy display for up to two months. The blooms range in color from a pale blue to deeper airbrushed shades.

This reliable performer is at home along the edge of shady walkways, in understory plantings, beside ponds and in wetland areas. It spreads vegetatively from rhizomes under the ground and freely self seeds to create colonies that help hold the soil and add a rich deep green accent to shady areas.

This Spring, our Missouri Violets in the nursery seem to be attracting a deer that had developed a fondness for browsing the containerized plants.The naturalized ones on our property never seem to be bothered.

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