CLover Fern (Marsilea macropoda)
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|groundcovers/ferns|turfgrass replacement|height 4-10"|spread 2-6"|full sun/part shade|
Clover Fern (Marsilea macropoda) Clover Fern (Marsilea macropoda)

Amazingly, this "Texas Shamrock" is actually a fern. Its attractive 1-2" leaves are divided into quarters resembling a four-leaf clover. The foilage varies in height and width depending on light and water availability. Clover Fern is capable of handling extreme drought (60 days at temperatures in the mid-90s in full sun with no water). It is also very freeze tolerant and stays green down to the low 20s.

Given time, the plant forms a monoculture - a weed-free turf that doesn't require mowing. It is ideal for erosion control and problem areas. Under ideal conditions, this plant can be more invasive than bermuda grass - so be sure that it is wanted.

Clover Fern is deer-resistant.

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