Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)
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|grasses|height 18-24"|spread 12-15"|shade/part shade|purple foilage in Spring|wildlife food|
Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)

Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)

This showy perennial is one of the first native grasses used for landscape purposes. Common throughout the eastern half of the U.S., Inland Sea Oats is a valuable wildlife resource, providing food and cover. The seed head and bamboo-like foilage are quite ornamental, with seed clusters held 6-8" above the foilage. The grass keeps a small rosette of leaves over the Winter but regrows striking purple foilage in Spring.

Although a bunchgrass, this species spreads readily in disturbed areas and forms large colonies. It prefers partial to full shade and is tolerant of all soil types. Because of environmental adaptation, it is imperative to use plants grown from local populations for best results.

Inland Sea Oats needs no maintenance and is disease free, as well as being deer-resistant.

Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)

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