The Muhlenbergia Family of Native Grasses
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Gulf Muhly in bloom at the nursery

The Muhly Grasses

The genus Muhlenbergia has long been important to Texans for its forage value. Over the last 20 years, the use of these perennial bunchgrasses in the landscape has increased dramatically. In Texas, the native Muhlies provide a wide variety of heights and textures that make them ideal choices for backgrounds, borders, groundcovers, and even turf! There are more Muhly species in Texas than any other type of grass, and even non-native ones have gained wide acceptance. It is easy to see why they are so popular, as they are attractive, deer proof and naturalize readily.

Bamboo Muhly
Big or Lindheimer Muhly
Deer Muhly
Gulf Muhly
Pine Muhly
Seep Muhly
Weeping Muhly

There are many other Muhlies useful for landscaping. Look for Ear Muhly (m. arenacea), Bull Muhly (m. emersleyi), Mesa Muhly (m. monticola), Bush Muhly (m. porteri), Purple Muhly (m. rigida), Cibolo Muhly (m.leptoura), Giant Muhly (m. gigantea), Mountain Muhly (m. montana), and Muhly (m. setifolia).


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