Cut-Rice Grass (Leersia monandra)
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|grasses|evergreen|height 12-15"|spread 12-24"|shade/part shade|
Cut-Rice Grass (Leersia monandra)

Cut-Rice Grass (Leersia monandra)

This native bunchgrass has many unusual attributes that should place it among the top native grasses for use in Central Texas. It shows extreme tolerance to poor soil, low water, and shade. The soft green foilage has a translucent and brightening character which is quite unique.

Although widespread in the eastern third of the U.S., Cut-Rice Grass is uncommon in the Edward's Plateau. The few occurrences in the Hill Country are generally in canyons or near intermittent waterways. Growing on slopes in full shade, the grass forms large colonies by stolonizing and sending up "pups" 1-4' from the parent plant to form a monoculture.

Cut-Rice Grass is maintenance and disease free, as well as deer resistant. We have noticed that it is not guinea-resistant however, and seems to be a very desirable Winter food for our flock.

Guineas love Cut Rice Grass!

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