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A homegrown tradition -  Amkon Feed








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Support Local Businesses in San Marcos - They Support Our Community

Now more than ever, it's important to support businesses that keep money flowing in our local community instead of sending it off to some corporate headquarters far away. Dan has lived here since 1986 and here are some of his favorites community resources.

Amkon Feed (512) 396-2894
360 S. LBJ, on the left, just past the railroad tracks

Our chickens and dogs give them a big thumbs up. For 25 years Randy and his family have had the coolest little feed store in Hays county. They have baby chicks and poultry food, hay, deer corn, garden and pet supplies and they even personally load your truck or car.

La Hacienda (512) 396-5900
1105 Hwy 123

A local grocery store with the best meat counter in the area. They have really fresh vegetables too, often at half the price of HEB. It's a peek at shopping in the near future but English is still spoken here.

Eli's Collision Specialists (512) 393-8965
Hwy. 80 at River Rd.

No one enjoys having their ride crunched but Eli's makes it pretty painless to get back on the road. They do amazing body shop work at a great price.

Fuschak's Pit Bar-B-Q (512) 353-2712
I-35 frontage road north of Lowe's by Wonderworld Dr.

At their new place by Lowe's, you can find them easily - just look for the big sign. Good portions and price. The ribs, pork loin and brisket are usually yummy. If you want the popular ribs or cobbler, don't plan to eat late!

Gabriel and Sons Upholstery (512) 392-8072
113 Texas Ave. (west side of I-35 S before Wonderworld Dr.)

From couches to cars, these guys are just plain good. Spiff up your ride without busting your wallet.

King's Highway Veterinary Clinic (512) 392-5877
2121 S. Old Bastrop Hwy (SH 123 east by the blue water tower)

A no frills pet vet group with kind and caring staff. Our dogs think of it as a fun place to visit - so many good smells.

Kutschner Drilling Co. (512) 353-0075
Boring deep holes with precision since 1925. They do everything from windmills to well maintenance.

Nichol's Tire and Automotive (512) 396-6066
301 N LBJ Dr. downtown

Good mechanics at a reasonable price. They fix it right the first time so y