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Frequently Asked Questions

About the madrone tree

Why don't you always have madrone trees for sale at your nursery?

Buying and planting natives

Why are Madrone Nursery plants better than the ones I can buy at my local "superstore" nursery?

Why is it important to buy native stock from a reputable source?

How do I guarantee a good start for my new Texas native landscape additions?

Where can I recycle the plastic pots/containers after I have planted my landscape?

Why do the non-native plants you buy ending up costing so much to keep them looking good?

Using native plants in the landscape

What native/adapted plants can I use to replace standard nursery stock or weedy landscape trees?

Why is Japanese Ligustrum a real threat to native trees and shrubs in the landscape?

How do native bunchgrasses help cut down on runoff and protect the aquifer?

Attracting wildlife

Why should I set aside natural areas for birds and other wildlife?

Pests and disease

My trees are covered with webs and little green worms (caterpillars) this Spring, what is going on?

Something is eating my Passion Flower vines, what should I do about it?

Oak wilt is becoming a problem where I live, what can I do about it?

Is there anything I can do about ball moss in my trees?

What is Sudden Oak Death and why should I be aware of it?

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Madrone Nursery
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