I Designed this Web Site for the Island of Crete as a school project in 1997. Includes sections on cretan cooking, the ocean, minoan art and the flight of daedalus.
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Transpolar Airlines ( the mythical airline) Site was Designed for use
in courseware for Netegrity, inc. with Michael Morris.
Come Fly the pathway of the Great Northern Circle.


Here are some projects I worked on while I was at MIT. Including the Hypermedia Teaching Facility site.     Center for Advanced Educational Services (caes), and the Educational Media Creation Center (emcc) . Not everyting is available on this server.

The Forum for the Future of Higher Education  Site was designed for use of the members of the forum.  Simplicity and beauty were my main objectives in Designing this site.  Also ease of use for people who where not so web savvy. Including a special upload papers section. With the Hypermedia Teaching Facility.

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