M I C H E L E   A.   M A C R A K I S
is a photographer with Web Design capabilities

Experience/Skills: 10+ years photography experience, 2+ years digital photography, 2+years project management,  4+ years of design experience, 2+ years of Internet design (including user interface design and graphic design) and information design experience; I understand the constraints and opportunities unique to the web as a medium for design; strong working knowledge of Dreamweaver and Photoshop, some Flash, and Freehand, Quark, HTML, film theory, typography, browser capability standards, institutional identity , rapid user interface prototyping experience.

Diploma :  Rhode Island School of Design : BFA

A w a r d s :
from Institute of International Education
International Telephone and Telegraph
 (Fulbright Fellowship) to Crete .

S e l e c t e d  P o s i t i o n s
F r e e l a n c e  Photography W o r k

S e l e c t e d  P o s i t i o n s

photography   web design
Cambridge, Ma

2000-now  Intern/Usher Film Department MFA Museum of Fine Arts

1999-2000 Web/Graphic Designer for the Hypermedia Teaching Facility /
Educational Media Creation Center (emcc) MIT
Nishikant Sonwalker

1998-9   Regis College Fine Arts Center Computer Lab Monitor

1995 - Dr. Wu Ophthalmology - Ophthalmic photographer. Retinal photographer.
order supplies, maintain catalogue slide files, work with lab.

1995-2000 Carpenter Center Darkroom Harvard: Lab Tech/Advisor/Monitor

1989 - 90 Nelles Guide to Crete : Managing Editor  Munich, Germany

 Project Manager | Editor | Information Designer |
Photographer for maps, text and images

Archaeology Site Photographer
Mount Zominthos, Crete   

1988-92 Correspondent / Photojournalist  
Athens, GR

Gamma Press Images,  Paris, France.
Newsweek, Reuters, see below

 Ena magazine.
          Staff Photographer
Athens, GR

Photography Instructor/ Advisor
Athens College, Deree College   Athens, GR

Custom Color Printer
Colorlab  Providence, RI
 Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, RI 02906
Teaching Assistant, Lab Monitor, Librarian

F r e e l a n c e  W o r k   
Press Work
Some Major Stories: City of Poros Terrorist Attack, Heat Wave, Trireme/Mercouri, Assad, Ozal, Arafat, Cyprus, The Macedonian Border,
Kalamata Earthquake, Flight of Daedalus. Mount Zominthos - The archaological site. Athens Subway !
Publications: Time, Figaro, Le Point, Express, Europeo, International Herald Tribune,Star Magazine, Liberation , APA Insight Guides-Greece, Tachidromos, Athens ,Turkey, The New York Times , Refugee magazine, Food & Wine, M.D. magazine, Zygos, Columbia Film Review, City International, Radcliffe Quarterly, New Scientist, Portrait of Greece, Many Greek, French and International Magazines. Markets Magazine. Bicycling magazine,Ophthalmology for Primary Care. Mr. Food's Easy Cooking. Boston Food Lover. Boston Sidewalk.
Film, Theater ( photograph plateau)
"The Minoans" Beresford Productions.
"First Olympics" 1896 Athens.
"Lord Elgin and Some Stones of No Value" Chris Miles.
"Life Without Zoe" Coppola. Acropolis Scene.
"Red Ants" (Paradise opens with a Skeleton Key) with Ian Dury
"The Last Bet" Kostas Zirinis.with Daniel Olbryski .
"Adam & Eve" Kalouta Theatre.
"Electra" Antoniou.
Brechts "Mahogony" Greek/East German Prod.
Musicals, political satire 

President Karamanlis
. Dukakis Committee. Cycle Software.
Princess Marina. Anti Vivisection Society. Santorini - grill & seafood.
Kazarian's Antiques. Jobs for Youth.
National Greek Tourist Organization. Elounda Luxury Hotels. American Farm School. Pierce College. Regis College
Disney Hachette Presse. Thermoelectron. Healthworks
Kodin Kuvahleti. Wellbridge Center. Cafe Paradiso. Piccolo Nido. Pho Republic, Cambridge Isotope Laboratory.Sana Balm, Schepens Eye Institute.
Microsoft . Harvard University. Carpenter Center. Healthworks.
Formats : 35 mm, 21/4, 4x5. Digital
Spiros Kokotas/Elounda
Yannis Kounelis.
Activities :

Cycling. Yoga.

Languages :

Greek, Some French

C o m p u t e r  P r o g r a m s :    Adobe Photoshop/ Imageready 5.5 , Some Premiere, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 , Fireworks,  Flash, Macromedia Director and Freehand,  Quark-X-Press,  Net Objects Fusion, GIF Animation,  Sound Edit Pro. (html)
email: macrakis@earthlink.net

Description of my ideal company : An innovative company on the ocean or an island in the mediterranean with high exposed timber beam ceilings, interesting upbeat work in Web Design publishing where I can pick up new skills, work with a team, partner with clients. A place where work is a delight, ideas flow...


  • Designer with strong presentation
  • skills and knowledge of
  • computer programs with extensive experience
    in visual imagery seeks position.