Agreement for Event Photography  

Event Date      ______________________________
Contracting Partyıs Name        ______________________________          Telephone _____________________

Contracting Partyıs Name      ______________________________          Telephone _____________________

Contracting Partyıs Address _________________________________________________________ Location

Preparation ____________________________________________               Time ___________ Location _____________________________________________               Time ___________ Location _____________________________________________               Time ___________


Terms: 1.        This constitutes an order for event photographs. It is understood that the contracting party vis. ________________________________ is making a specific hire of photographer Michele A. Macrakis 's time and talent and shall pay her a Shooting Fee of $175.00/hr. (1,000 per day ) for each hour or any part thereof for a time of three hours minimum, for the express purpose of photographing documentary images and any specific images that may be specified in writing as agreed upon at least a week prior to the shoot. This Shooting Fee will be billed from ________ on the date of ________ (at least 30 minutes prior to event) and is due at the completion of the shoot, before the photographer leaves the site. A retainer of 50% will reserve the above date and times for the photographerıs services. If the event dates or times are changed or canceled for any reason, the retainer is non-refundable. If the event is held in accordance with the terms of the contract, the retainer is applied to the balance of the Shooting Fee.         2. It is understood that the contracting party will reimburse the photographer $50.00 per roll of 36 exp. 35mm film shot to cover costs incurred by him relating to the event for him to provide standard proof prints . If Medium Format, Digital or other images are requested an additional $50 per roll, per service will be also be reimbursed to the photographer by the contracting party. Any cost ( parking, etc ) incurred to complete the assignment shall be paid by the client. These fee(s) shall be paid with the Shooting Fee at the completion of the shoot, before the photographer leaves the site, even if the event is changed or canceled for any reason. Upon reimbursement to the photographer, photos (including a set of 35mm enlarged prrof sheets 'proofs') that the photographer deems standard shall become the property of the contracting party.
A photo credit stating 'Photo by Michele Macrakis' if any image of part thereof is published. The photographer reserves the right to use any and all images for advertising, promotion, display or any other purpose thought proper by him without any recompense to the contracting party. 3.        Although all care will be taken with the negatives and photographs taken at the event, the photographer limits any liability for the loss, damage, or failure to deliver pictures for any reason, to the return of the paid portion of the Shooting Fee (Article 1, above.) Any and all reimbursable costs (Article 2, above) remain the responsibility of the contracting party.

  By my signature below, I hereby indicate that I agree to and understand all of the terms of this agreement: Signature of the Contracting Party____________________________________               Date_________________ Signature of the Contracting Party____________________________________               Date_________________ Signature of the Photographer_______________________________________               Date_________________ Retainer Paid ____________________________________________________              Date_________________