Chapter V

Venizelos turns to Rebellion
" I always persued my goals methodically. " ( 5/7/1930 Elefthero Vima )

On January 23, 1897, Venizelos joined the armed rebellion on the promentary of Akrotiri. It is a step that has been heroically celebrated: Akrotiri has been seen in hindsite as a destined moment, the first expression of Venizelos brilliant leadership- as if by espousing rebellion he had set off a chain reaction leading to freedom and justice for Crete. But in fact the moment was not of Venizelos choosing; he was neither the initiator nor leader of the Akrotiri revolt; and although his years of legal analysis, political journalism and parliamentary action had prepared him better than most for the calculation that now seemed to warrent armed resistance, that calculation was extrememly problamatic. The immediate backround was the failure of the new reforms proclaimed by the Turks--under pressure from the powers-- in the summer of 1896.........more

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