Hate Mail Department


From: Stephen or Myra Pannell

At first I thought I wouldn't send you anything because this is the kind of shit motherfuckers like you get off on. However how about all of us getting our dogs to dig the hole for us to put you in after you are dead and gone. Then we will all come and let these little fiesty animals piss on your grave. But some dogs will not even give you that much respect. I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!!!

Subject: Gods Watching
From: Justin

A Chihuahua is a living thing just like you or me it has a soul like me but i would have to wonder about you. When a human takes pride in watching something being hurt or injured such as a animal,thats disrecpecting god,That is a creation of his along with almost everything else on this earth. You my friend i dont belive god was able to reach you. There is a evil inside you that is not naturl and is ungodly. But never forget god does forgive,even if the sin is something as senceless as the "Exploitation" of an animal Chihuahua or what not. So farewell and god be with you if you belive that what you do with your site is not holy.


From: Chica92788@aol.com
Subject: Hey

Now, it's kinda gay what ur doing-who gives a shit what these "rat dogs" (as you would put it) do. I mean if you're gunna start a site dont waste your time on this one-do a hate site on something other than a helpless animal, you dumbass!

From: Cardmonkey@aol.com
Subject: Problems

I just wanted to tell you that you really need to get a life. And thats right, go ahead and be A LITTLE PISS ANT and post this mail on your site, i don't really care, and ya know what? Go ahead and make a link to my email adress, so that no one will ever email me telling me that i need to get a life because i take animals, which may not be extreemly smart and be a complete sicco with them. I mean, pictures of a dog doing what dogs do, roll around and you say "look he wants to have sex, he wants money!" You are so damn immature to sit there and all of your free time devoted to the chiuahaha in which you hate. But you just wait, someday you will, like everyone else has said, choke on a taco, and i hope while you scream and cry and piss in your little pants while he just watches, because they are soooo stupid, they couldn't help you but with your last breath maybe if you wern't a mean bastard, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't have died,

Anyways hope you post this on your site your a dumb ass, yep if anyone who controls the sites is reading this, SHUT THIS SITE DOWN! Thats right, don't you feel all cool that you are posting this on your site, i bet now your going to go tell your mom, or wait, you don't call her mom do you, you call her mommy, thats right. Go ahead and tell your mommy!

From: Chickety14@aol.com
Subject: Post this

you are the sickest being I could ever hope to meet on the street with my 4 rottweiller studs, and one female chihuahua. I can't believe ANYONE would want to post such a disgusting site. Did you know your site comes up when I look for info on dog breeds? Some great info. Instead of making it so sick and upsetting, you could have made it funny, you're just cornballs. I have some info for you; go to Taco Bell, get a taco, choke on it, and go to hell. I hope that you do write me back, and post this on your wonderful site. Oh, one more thing, can you stand still with your legs slightly apart? One of my rottweiller studs, Bogo, is trained to bite off balls( if you have any for him to bite off)

From: RedNckG415@aol.com
Subject: you suck!!!!


From: Klinie@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

What the fuck is your problem? What did a Chihuahua ever do to you? You are a serious fuck up and should seek treatment immediately.

From: Cybrgirl25@aol.com
Subject: web page !

I find this page u have very gross and disturbing!

And i plan to see to it that your page is removed from the web..

From: Steve Hoare

You are so cruel and sick minded. Don't you realise that animals feel pain just like humans. How would you have felt in that stupid wind tunnel??? Or on the space ship??? That poor little defenceless dog was put through so much trauma and pain, more than you could ever imagine. It's because of people like you that animals are still being used in experiments today and not treated with the respect that they deserve. I hope that when you die and go to hell all those little dogs will be able to laugh at you in heaven.

From: Strmsrain0@aol.com
Subject: you are the devil incarnate!

I have never read anything that made me as angry as this site in my life. You have the audacity to call me a sicko and a pervert! Who in the hell do you think you are! I can not believe that anyone with an ounce of common sense or compassion; could get off bashing anything as sweet and lovable as a Chihuahua.
I hope your mother has read this trash, maybe then she'll be able to see where she went wrong in raising you. I also hope that you choke on a Taco Bell taco and that precious little Chihuahua laughs in your face as you beg for help. You have absolutely ruined an other wise good day...............Angel

Subject: chihuahua

I don't understand your humor. We have 13 chihuahua's all of which are of champion stock. We also have border collies and poodles
If I had my way you would be eating what they drop in my back yard!

Wayne Rogers

From: BlueF64148@aol.com
Subject: Re: Hate your website

I find your website to be vial and disgusting. I have a five year old Chihuahua and she is loving, loyal and is waiting to bite your ankles. I think someone should use you for experimentation instead of a defenseless little dog. Why don't you pick on someone your own size! GET A LIFE!!!!

Penney and Boo-Boo

From: Her Daddy's email
Subject: hi

I think cruelty to dogs is VERY unexceptable, especially to little defenseless dogs!!
You are a SICK person and whatever makes you think that you can harm all animals, your wrong. I'm sorry to say but you need help fella. You do. Who can do such a thing?! That is disguisting. If I were the dog, I'd bite you right in the crack!!!
Please, get yourself some help......

I'm writing off of my dad's name and you can write me back at BOOTSIE181@AOL.com thankyou for your time

From: SHIMMER70@aol.com
Subject: You're a weak, weak man

Your sick web site brought tears to my eyes. Nothing makes me happier than hugging my precious little chihuahua "Pokey". I have never known ANY dog to be as faithful, loving, and sweet. Anyone that maliciously harms an innocent animal deserves (and will get) the same harm back, tenfold.

From: Wowme12145@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

Sick fucking bastards, and you've been reported. The Humane Society along with PETA and other organizations are setting up to have your web site pulled. Sick bastards. I hope you all get cancer and then rot in hell.

[ OK, we received this on 7/16/98...let's see how long it takes until our site is pulled! -ed]

From: EllyFunNut@aol.com
Subject: YOU ARE SICK!

I think that you need to go back and read what trash that you have added to the rest of the smut on the net. it is sickening web pages like yours that are giving the web a bad name! All I have to say is, GET A LIFE!

From: S Chapman
Subject: BULLY

I think that this page is cruel to animals.
I think That if I were a chihuahua
And you were a flower,
I'd lift up my leg AND GIVE YOU A SHOWER!!!

From: Vickie Carmichael
Subject: chihuahua page

Somewhere there is a chihuahua waiting to pee on your rug!

From: Margaret Mauney
Subject: Chi Exploitation Website

I was thoroughly disgusted with the insensitivity of your website. I have an account with Earthlink, and I am sending a complaint to Earthlink immediately. I hope they close you down!

I have a chihuahua who is a wonderful, loving, intelligent little dog. Your desire to make fun of animals in such a cruel, heartless manner convinces me that you are less worth of my respect than chihuahuas!

From: E.Boucher&G.Berry
Subject: your chihuahua page

congratulations you just caused a little girl to cry and be very confused. she was learning how to find pages about her little chihuahua and your site came up. she is deaf and little 'trukin' has been a great source of comfort to her. why did you do this?
it isn't funny, it is pitifull.

Your web page sucks!

From: SHelms1035@aol.com
Subject: Chihuahua Exploitation

First let me say that I am sadly repelled by some of your "jokes" about the littlest breed of dog, the Chihuahua.... I take issue with any gross jokes about mutilation and mistreatment of any living thing, be it a tiny, helpless dog or a big, self-sufficient human being.....

I do wish you would reconsider keeping this upsetting info on the net.... I do have children who love their Chihuahuas dearly. They derive much joy and love from them.... Yes, I agree that you should have freedom of speech... but this is taking the law a bit far.... it is painful.... and no, I will not allow my children to see this...

You follow up your slams and poor taste jokes with ligitimate web sites... why? I don't understand your point.... are you trying to get on someone's "lighter" side?

Anyway, it is a "free" country.... I was just exercising my right as well to speak out..... This is not a flame..... I am just saddened....

God Bless

From: Sharon Skaryd
Subject: Your web site is horrid!!

As a chihuahua lover, I couldn't believe my eyes.

In November, my 12-year old chi died. Your 100 uses for a dead chihuahua is the most insensitive thing I have ever read.

I really am upset. If you knew anything about chihuahus, you'd understand they are fiercly loyal, fun, fearless, and beautiful. My current pet is 3.5 pounds. She's champion stock. I think of her as an extension of our small family.

BTW If you go to our website, you can see a photo of Gizmo, the one who died. He was beautiful by anyone's standard. He was quiet and loveable. Just click on our names which are at the end of the first page.

Sharon Skaryd

The Skaryd's new Website location is up and running!!
New website addresss: http://www.dulcimers.com

From: Brent & Lesley
Subject: Chis

Have you ever considered therapy? Wheres your hostility for the chihuahua dog coming from? It seems to me that you are slamming an animal that you have no idea who or what they are all about. You will never mature if you stay in this pathetic rut of a website. Why don't you try contributing your site to helping those in need or doing something WORTHY instead of tearing something apart. Get those links far from this website of people that trully care for the dog and its origin. It is not appreciated one bit to even be refered by you......Get some help!