Fossil Remains Discovered!

In a startling scientific discovery, the direct ancestral line of the Chihuahua was pushed back to the Tertiary Period, or about 65 million years ago.

"It all happened so fast! I lowered my head as I sneezed, opened my eyes and there it was!", said Dr. Charles H. Hua. He and his team of archeologist were on a dig in search of fossilized remains of 'Dung Beetle' dung, near Mt. Kilimonjoro in East Africa when the discovery was made. "Our research into the Chihuahua's family tree is maturing rapidly. Most people don't realize that the chihuahua is not a true member of the canine family. In fact, it shares the same ancestor as common rats." This opens up new possibilities for the scientific community as chihuahuas can now legally be used in place of lab rats for experimentation.