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You have come across my website where I celebrate collecting beer cans.  I have been building the collection of cans from around the world since 1976.  With just over 5,000 cans on the shelves, my collection is not even close to the largest.  However, for a few random moments over the years I have had at least one can found in every current & former country that has brewed and canned its own beer making the collection one of the most extensive. A 5 liter can of JulBrew from Gambia certifies that another country has joined the illustrious "club" of countries that have at least one brewery that has, or is, canning its own golden elixir!   When you inlcude cans specifically imported to countries such as the recent Skol can made for a distributor in Rwanda as well as the Bedele canned in Greece for sale in Ethiopia, the shelves hold cans found in 188 current countries as well as 18 former countries  - missing a couple as I am still looking for an import that has the Kingdom of Libya stamp on the lid ("former country" in my way of thinking) and the Budwesier can made for the Marshall Islands.  Admittedly, some of the details are questionable, so please see the Definition page for a long explanation.  
My family and I live on the south side of Green Mountain near the western edge of Denver, Colorado.  Valerie and I are both Architects.  We are the very proud parents of three children: Isabelle, Christopher and Lindsay.  We are well protected by Mid-Knight... the Portuguese Water Dog guardian of our realm.

You are very welcome to add yourself to the vast number of friends I trade with from around the world.  There are links to other collecting websites, pictures of a few of the cans in the collection, and rarely a few pictures of the cans I have available for trade.  I only collect beer cans, preferring alcoholic verisons over non-alcoholic unless that is the only type of brewed malt beverage available from a place.  I am always trying to find cans from - or specifically for - distinct places in the world that have their own flag.  For instance, a can from/for each of the Japanese Prefectures.   I am willing to look for local issues of soda cans to trade for beer cans.  As I am not a dealer, I rarely list prices for cans nor do I usually buy cans just to resell them.  I do buy cans for my shelves and there have been a few times that I have bought an entire collection.
The heading links to the left take you to the primary pages of the site.
Almost 4th of July - and I have some updates to do soon on "Recents" as Eritrea, Seychelles, and Rwanda all have issued cans that are being brewed and canned within the countries... at least I think they are but have to hold them to be sure - stay tuned!   Meanwhile, if you are a member of BCCA, you can now log on to the BCCA website and vote for the Hall of Fame and Can of the Year.  PLEASE VOTE for both Jim Friesen and John Fatura - two great collectors of cans from around the world!
Take a look at the OCOCs website - it was updated today too:
I hope you enjoy your visit, please drop me a note if you see something of interest, have a question, correction, or want to just say "hi".  I do try to check my email and respond, but please forgive the time lag as with three wonderful kids, there is always a lot going on.
Finally, I would like to encourage all who visit this site to join the BCCA.  It is the largest reason we connect in so many wonderful ways.

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GETTING OLDER ... 15 years later...

Taken back in 1997... these are still

My father served in the US Navy for over 30 years,
while the ocean view is blocked by the Rockies, I treasure this can & others that feature the 7 seas

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

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