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The listing of my collection has become too large for the website.  Here you can still download a listing of the first cans from countries and places as well as a check list of countries as I account them.  The files are in Microsoft's Excel.  Please understand that all of my lists have errors, whether they are spelling, or I don't know of another can that is older, or I didn't get the Japanese translated right.  I strive to be accurate, so if you find a mistake, please let me know.
I use a few fonts that are not common, let me know if you have trouble opening the files.

Here is the Dauphin.ttf font I use for headings... I am an architect and style is meaningful!

click here to download a Xcel file that list First Cans from each place (12-14-2014)

click here to download an Xcel checklist of countries (as of 12-14-2014)

Here are a few links to other websites that I find useful for research and display:

Ray Everingham in Australia is trying to get EVERY Australian can listed and the major variations pictured, click here to see his compendium.

Click this line to go to the Flags Of The World Website.

The Rusty Bunch is a group of avid ex-CAN-vators who hunt for yest-a-year's trash but today's treasures. Their newsroom is the most active I know of.

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