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Mark Rodgers
2694 South Howell Street
Lakewood, Colorado  80228
United States of America
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If you are interested in learning more about brewery collectibles, the BCCA is the best place to start.  With 3500 active members it is the largest organization dedicated to our hobby.  The following link will take you the BCCA's website:

If you are particularly interested in collecting cans from around the world, the One Can/One Country chapter of the BCCA is where to look for the latest knowledge and comraderie around this global pursuit.  Our quarterly newsletter has been judged one of the best year after year by the BCCA, and is brimming with photos on recent cans issued around the world, articles and stories of some of the rarest and oldest of cans, and contacts for over a hundred fellow collectors from around the globe. Take a look at our website:

This Link is to the Chilean Collector Club's Website.

A measure of how deep I have gotten myself into this hobby:

Board Member of the BCCA #27935 (9/2003-9/2005)
President of the OC/OC chapter... #1 duty: keep up with Jim Friesen's standards!
Committee Chair, BCCA's BCWC Committee
Mile Hi Chapter member...dart board for CANvention 37 in Denver!
Packer Chapter
Rusty Bunch #692
#1835 of the ABCCA (Australia's)
Member of the ABA and the ABA's & BCCA's Columbine Chapter

Just click this address to send me an email:

This Falcon Pilsner Beer can from Holland
certifies my interest in rare cans of all conditions and the depth of my appreciation of beer cans.

thoughtful? email me at