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Over the last few years the countries of Africa have been fertile ground for new brewed and canned in cans!

While lots of Coors Light carnival cans for USVI
a micro is now canning... albeit in Maine ... bought it in December after swimming with Sea Turtles.

Two very different countries of Africa -
Bock from Cote d'Ivorie & Asmara from Eritrea

Madagascar's THB (Three Horse Beer) updated -
and now lists an importer for the small island country of the Comoros!

From the smallest country on the Africa continent,
comes this BIG can... Gambia, welcome to the club!

EABL operates breweries in three countries...
but do they have a canning line in Uganda?

A local brand for a brewery in the city of Lumbumbashi, this Simba can features "RDC" = Republique Democratique du Congo - the current name for what what once was known as Zaire. So one more rumor becomes truth ...

As some know, I favor cans featuring lions...
this might be the most exotic one for the moment

The Kingdom of Tonga now enjoys its local brand -
though it is brewed and canned in New Zealand

A can from Sudan - pineapple non-alcoholic malt
CANcoction- but still brewed and canned there.

Back in 2010 I was given this Hinano can by a great friend as part of a future trade.  It took a bit to figure out all of the pieces and parts, and to some degree I really hope the "trade" really doesn't ever come to an end. While not too exotic of a can, the sticker is something that makes the can special to me ... and maybe a couple of other collectors.

Isla de Pascua is the Spanish for Easter island

just a sticker...
so not everyone will race to see the Moai.

A reliable friend had this handed to him by folks who state they bought a couple in a market in Palestine... but contacts at the brewery deny they are making it... a ponderous pondering?

A bottle label on a aluminum "ca-bottle"...
questions abound.

Such beautiful cans have been made for a place that is not so peaceful as the country of Georgia and Russia tussle over who should be in charge.

"1" of a multi can set, this one is clearly aimed
to be sold in the disputed land of Abkhazia.

For those who have doubted the listing of the Portuguese Gala can as being destined for Chad, there is now an alternative!  This Amco Malt can was made in Germany for a company in Chad.  While still not an alcoholic beverage brewed and canned within the country, I think it is far more reliable than what was previously listed.

While non-alcoholic, it does have "Extra Energy" &
it lists an importer for Chad's capital of N'Djamena

Budweiser issued a set titled "Bud Nation" featuring islands that have a close relationships to the USA.  Guam remains closest in connection, followed by Kosrae and Chuuk (formerly known as Truk) which are now part of the Federated States of Micronesia in "Free Association" with the US since 1986, and finally Palau which became a U.N. recognized independent nation in 1994.  These cans were purchased on Guam. I was recently directed to an article that has a picture of 3 more and mentions an eigth can featuring Pohnpei.  I was also told by a friend that he saw and advertisement that included a ninth can!  The set was possibly released in Fall/early Winter of 2008.
Majuro Island (part of the Marshall Islands)
Pohnpei Island (part of the Federated States of Micronesia)
Saipan (still part of the United States)
Tinian & Rota (part of the Northern Mariana Islands & still part of USA)
Yap Islands (part of the Federated States of Micronesia)
With the can for Majuro Island, I have another country to hunt for!
Maybe the good folks in St. Louis (or now Brussels?) will decide to continue the set?  

At least the intended to have 9 released...

At least three more!

One of the most international deals has come to fruition.  It involves five collectors in: Europe, North America, and Australia and breweriana from: Asia, Africa, and Europe.  The deal added an aluminum bottle/can that was filled with a golden elixir brewed in San Marino!  For my collection, this moved the Kronenbourg commemorating a car race in (near?) San Marino to the side.  A brand called "PUR-AMA-NIA", a great name for a brew!


Rumors come along every so often that Tajikistan or Sao Tome & Principe may have cans.  Years ago, a friend of a friend returned from Eritrea with only a bottle cap in hand for Asmara and said he saw no sign of cans - but in 2014 the brewery started canning ... always something fermenting when it comes to can collecting!

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