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Here are pictures of fellow collectors, many of whom have come by to drink a beer (or two, or three...), tell stories, and of course to trade.

Greg Haas and I with some of my collection.

Zybnek came from Prague to see the collection
and help a fellow collector!

Seeing John McLogan's collection during
the Dearborn Canvention was a highlight!

Erik Amundsen visited right before he fled
to Philadelphia... maybe it was something I said.

Lars and Terry came to CANvention 37
they got to see the collection from my chair!

Dave Maus's collection is "two" deep...
too much for just one great Friday evening!

A truckload of enjoyment
is too be found in Hamm!

Ron Heber showed me his amazing 275ml collection
He is also an incredible chef!

In August, the BCCA President went on a tour...
Robert (on left) was escorted by a Mile Hi Security Detail!

Göran Gustafsson and I near Stockholm, Sweden

Dave Osborne & Richard Daniele
Came over to trade stories and of course cans on Halloween, 2004.

Bruno Bianco grins with pride...
the long drive to Cumiana was well worth it!

Carey came but with a small army...
something about needing to see the holy grail.

Norbert came back! He missed the open-house
at CANvention, but found his way over for a tasty Tenfidy Stout!

Tom Petersen came by... he said I was a good Cook
but he was the one who brought the great Cook's!

Dave allowed me to paw through his collection
he definitely likes to "set" his collection!

They came all the way to the states just to see
... well everything it seems!

The OC/OCers in Hamm, Germany - Spring 2002

El Presidente came to visit May of 2006!

Bruno Bazzuro and Sandro Merlano are exceptional
hosts, even serving their own wonderful brew!

Sean Kelley and I journeyed to see
Mr. Bill Besefer and his collection... we brought the pizza!

Sandro came from Italy to enjoy the collection
however, as a good Italian he enjoyed family even more!

Christoph was an excellent host!
he shared the exotic brew of Hamm with me!

Bill Besefer and Jim Patterson came by to inspect,
Jim was surprised that the collection wasn't "way-safe" with Safeway cans & Bill discovered some zip

The following links will take you on to other collector's websites:

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Bruno Bianco adventures far and wide; click here to see his gallery, it is a work of art!

Here is a link to "Can Man Dan" Scoglietti's website ... a virtual doorway to his museum!

Ray Everyingham in Melbourne is keeping the rest of the world up to date on Australian cans. Click here to see the latest.

Ron Heber has the small side of the hobby cornered

Sean Kelley is the perfectionist amongst us, click here to see some of his pristine collection!

Klasines is a determined collector in the Netherlands, visit his site by clicking here!

Jeff Lebo has the largest "known" collection in the world. Click here to visit his site.

Scott Mertie is a fine "volunteer" and fellow collector in Tennesse.

Lars-Goran Nilsson specializes in all things Tuborgian, click here to go to his side of the world.

Peixoto wrote the book on South American Beer cans, click here to visit his website.

Ibel Prinsen is one of those fellows who cannot resist the Tennent's Ladies, Click here to see many of the beautiful sets.

Mark Rigney is one creative fellow! Click here to leap to a world of lubricated literature!

Rudi in Hungary has worked hard to collect quite a few wonderful cans.

Diana Saft collects coasters from around the world, click here to link to her site in Germany.

Bernd Schaumann has written the book on Austrian beer cans. Click here to see visit his site.

Here are a few links to dealers I have dealt with:

Erik Amundson is always dealing. If you are buying or selling something to do with beer, visit his site by clicking here.

Dan Morean runs one of the most "historic" dealer sites.

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