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Uzbekistan, while central Asia's most populous country at almost 26 million, has had very few beer cans.  For most predominantly muslim countries, alcoholic bevergaes are illegal.  In a few cases, the first cans to show up are made for sale on the national airlines once the planes reach "International Airspace" and the strict alcohol laws no longer apply.  T.B.I. seems to have tried to market a beer for a few of these airlines.  The Eagle can for Romania's TAROM is fairly common as it probably flies more tourists who eventually bring a can back for their "somewhat odd" can collecting neighbor.  The Uzbekistan Airways version is very rare and dates from 1995.  I have only heard rumors of one for Tajikistan's airline - If you have one let me know!  You can see a example of this "Airline Market" if you look at the Afghanistan page and the Beck's can there.  I also have on the shelves two cans for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA): a Heineken can with a lid stamp for PIA and a San Miguel with a sticker along is base for this airline.
A few of the Gold Pulsar cans showed up a few years ago.  Most seem to be taken from a German canning line.  However, the can is for a brewery in Uzbekistan and it is believed they were filled in Uzbekistan for a little while.  Recently a few cans were brought back from the country, so it is now confirmed some were filled.  The can has a UPC bar code with Uzbekistan's country code.

Here is the side panel of the Tarom can for the
Romanian Airline. This can is seen in many collections.

This can is for UZBEKISTAN airways.
I know of two on collection shelves. There were just not many collectors flying Uzbekistan Airways.

This can was briefly traded a few years ago,
It is the first can actually filled with Uzbek beer.

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