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One of the best aspects of collecting OC/OC is that there is always something new showing up.   For instance the verification that there were more cans in Budweiser's Pacific Islands "Bud Nation" set means I am frantically looking for the Majuro, Saipan, Tinian & Rota, and Yap cans!

I am still on the prowl for plenty of other cans too.  First of all,  for the countries that do not have a brewery canning beer, I am still looking for cans that are specific imports such as a can with a Kingdom of Libya lid stamp.  There are rumors that there was an Eagle can made for Tajikistan Airways which, if true, I would very much want it.  I am always trying to find the first can brewed and canned within a country - or - if older, the first beer can made expressly for sale within a country. 
The pictures below are from a variety of sources, so please excuse the variations in quality.  Some of these pictures were taken by Harold Hilton and many thanks are due him for showing us all what we may be missing. 

This straight steel "33" from Nigeria may be the
first can brewed and canned in Nigeria.

This Castle was briefly canned in Rhodesia.

Yap, Saipan, & ESPECIALLY the Majuro can

I do not collect many of the "set", commemorative, or special offer cans because of limited room to display.  However, my graphic senses get the best of me sometimes and I end up looking far and wide for the one missing can to complete a set I like too much.  This seems to happen mostly with Japanese cans.  There was a set I had been trying to complete: the "Kirin Favored Views".  I FINALLY CAUGHT THE ELUSIVE ONE ON EBAY... BUY-IT-NOW EVEN!  SO HAPPY TO COMPLETE A 15 YEAR HUNT.  Below is a link to a page about these cans with pictures of each of the ten cans I now have.  I do not know if there are more than ten, certainly hoping I have it complete!  Any information you might have would be greatly welcomed.

Kirin "Favored Views"

SO... I am affirming the joys of set collecting, just when you finish one set, you invariably find you need some more to complete another.   Dave Vogl just completed my quest for the Oda Nobunaga Sapporo set.  At least I think that is what the set is about, I AM NOT AN EXPERT on Japanese.   I now have all 6 of the cans shown below plus a 7th which has the same two Japanese Characters over a silhouette of a castle on hill with gold sun behind.

Finally got both of the "need" cans below!
Thanks to Dave Vogl for showing me the way, and then getting me the last one!

Not every can I am looking for is necessarily rare, quite a few times the can is common but the folks who have them to trade just don't think anyone is interested and therefore don't bring them to shows, post them on websites, or auction them on Ebay.   It is difficult to get pictures of such cans before I find them for the shelves.

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