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Q: I took a screenwriting class. Isn't that enough?

A: Classes can certainly help but few offer one-on-one counseling on your project alone. I not only give you the "basics" and benefit of my experience but can concentrate only on your work so that, together, we can make it the best it can be. Also, many screenwriting classes are quite expensive compared to my fees.

Q: All my friends and relatives read my work and loved it. Why should I trust a stranger?

A: For just that reason...I'm a stranger who can be totally objective in analyzing your project. I won't be cruel but I will be honest and I have years of experience in the Hollywood trenches. Unless your relatives are heads of Universal Studios, I can probably be of more help.

Q: If you don't like black comedies (for example) will you automatically hate my script?

A: I've read thousands of scripts over the years and I'm able to help you make your work the best it can be regardless of the subject matter. I do not let personal preferences influence my comments on your work.

Q: I wrote an outline for my script. Can't I just submit that to producers?

A: Unless you are a working screenwriter with lots of credits and relationships with producers, you MUST write an entire screenplay. You will need the script to attract an agent and the agent will need it to "sell" you to producers. No one can tell if you have what it takes to write a screenplay if you only submit an outline.

Q: I found screenplay consultants who are a lot cheaper than you. Why should I send you my work?

A: Your choice of a consultant is totally up to you. I will say that many of the "cheaper" consultants don't have my extensive credentials and MANY are not produced writers and members of the Writers Guild. I have years of front-line experience (both as a "buyer" and "seller" of screenplays for film and television) and, if you compare, you'll find that I'm reasonably priced for my level of expertise.