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Remember that scene where the ship is going down and Jack's got Rose by the hand and they're runnin' for the stern and people are slidin' past them like balls on a pool table and the big smokestack falls over and squashes that Italian guy?...










In addition to acting as a screenplay consultant to a variety of international clients, LYNN BARKER has been employed as Staff and Freelance Story Analyst/Script Doctor for Katherine Powers (Exec. Story Consultant STARGATE), NBC Network, Evans-Gideon (STAND BY ME, STARMAN), American Zoetrope, John Badham, RHI Entertainment (Robert Halmi), Film Roman, etc. She was manager of the CBS t.v. network story department for several years.

Ms. Barker, a member of the Writers Guild of America-West, has written for television, film and the interactive and Internet markets. Her screenplays have been sold and optioned. Her supernatural thriller screenplay "Night Song" was purchased in '98 and, with special effects Oscar winner Robert Skotak, she co-wrote two projects now in development. Television credits include THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1986), AMAZING STORIES and STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. Lynn has taught writing/screenwriting to sixth graders in an L.A. area elementary school and currently acts as V.P. Entertainment for and content producer/entertainment writer/editor for "A Girls' World On-Line Clubhouse", an award-winning on-line magazine for girls ages 7-17.

Lynn Barker is an MPAA-accredited entertainment writer and her film reviews and interviews appear on several websites regularly. She has written theme park show scripts for Disney Imagineering and Iwerks Entertainment and has authored "Edutainment" projects and stories for Educational Insights. Her articles have appeared in American Cinematographer and "Written By":, the magazine of the Writers Guild of America-West.


After obtaining her BA in Journalism/Communications from the University of New Mexico, Lynn moved to San Francisco where she became an Associate Producer in the KRON (NBC) t.v. newsroom. Moving to L.A., she "morphed" into entertainment and served as Manager of the CBS television network Story Department for six years where she read and critiqued scripts and managed a group of "story analysts" while launching her t.v. writing career.

Joining the rush to the Internet in the '90's, Lynn wrote "branching" scripts for CD-ROM games. She has worked in the Hollywood trenches as a production assistant, production manager, special effects coordinator and has appeared as a speaker on many writers' panels on the convention circuit.


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