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Violett's Bluebird Nest Boxes . . .  



7" Wide  Slot Box

This is a slot box version of the large 2-holed nest box  (Based on the easy-to-make "Tuttle" box) with the following basics:

7"x5" Floor

9" Drop

Slot 7"x 1&3/16"

Front Opening


Monitors who look into the option of buying or building a slot box are usually doing so because they have a House Sparrow problem.  Personally, I use only 2-holed boxes on my own trail because that is what I tried (and they were successful) before learning about slot boxes.  If these large slots work the same as 2-holed boxes, Bluebirds should be able to escape from the slot opening for continued defense of the box and chicks.  Most other slot box plans are designed with small interiors and/or shallow depths with the hope they would deter HOSP,  (   The floor of this larger slot box will be 7.25" wide by 5.5" with about twice the room of most slot boxes.  See visuals at Floor Size Comparisons.  The slot-to-floor drop is 9", see Box Depth.   This roomy box can, of course, be modified according to builder preference.

In addition to the large dimensions, the slot opening and roof are stabilized with lengths of hardwood.  Thus, the slot opening and roof are protected from warping and from woodpecker damage.


You will need a 2-foot length of  2"x2" hardwood to stabilize the upper and lower slot edges.  Most slot box plans specify the roof as the upper edge of the slot opening.  Roofs warp and, thus, the slot opening will change if not stabilized.


For tips on waterproofing and sealing the box, please see:  Design a Box (build your own box)





As of June 15, 2012