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Golf Course Transition Logs

Problem 1-holers to HOSP-Free 2-holers 

This was a standard 1-holed box trail acquired from another monitor in 2001.  When House Sparrows caused problems, the previous monitor either relocated the standard 1-holed boxes or removed them.  It was my original intent to keep 1-holers in place.  However, there were Bluebird losses in the 1-holers caused by HOSP and it was transitioned to 2-holed boxes.  During this timeframe, the Keys to Success  had not been fine-tuned and the transition from problem 1-holers to defensible 2-holers was more difficult.  Historical 1-holed notes are included so monitors can compare 1-holed to 2-holed performance during a transition (even w/o all the Keys being known at the time).


Color-coded yearly summaries are at the top of each problem site so readers can find problems (red color).  Weekly log notes follow the summaries for monitors who would like to see more details of what to expect during a transition from problem 1-holed boxes through the first few nesting seasons as Bluebirds learn that they can outcompete House Sparrows. 


Slanted Tree (Fairway #1 1st House) 

Box location changes:  On 6/5/02, an alternate box was hung nearby to coax Bluebirds to the edge of golf course.  The second box attracted a second pair of Bluebirds.

1999 Old 1-hole box

WEBL Fledged WEBL Eggs/Yng Missing (1 fledged)

2000 1-hole box

Dead WEBL Fem + 1Yng   2 WEBL Fledged   5 WEBL Fledged

2001 1-hole box

WEBL Clutch (Disappeared)

2001 2-hole Mansion

Replaced w/Mansion; WEBL Fledged (no problem)

2002 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged (1 didn't fledge), No HOSP problems
2003 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged - WEBL Fledged (orig & alternate boxes, no HOSP problems)
2004 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged - WEBL Fledged (orig box = 2 clutches fledged + another clutch in alternate box)
2005 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged - WEBL Fledged (orig box = 1 clutch fledged + 2 clutches in alternate box)
2006 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged - WEBL Fledged (orig box = 1 clutch fledged + another clutch  in alternate box)
2007 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged - WEBL Fledged (alternate box location) No HOSP problems
  2001 Begins with Standard Box  
5/1/01 Beg. WEBL Nest  
5/8/01 1/2 WEBL Nest  
5/15/01 Full WEBL Nest  
5/22/01 6 WEBL eggs  
5/29/01 1 WEBL egg Previous Eggs Disappeared
6/5/01 5 WEBL  eggs in 1-holer  
6/12/01 5 WEBL eggs in 1-holer  
6/13/01 5 WEBL eggs Put up 2-holed Mansion as a precaution
6/19/01 5 WEBL chicks  
6/26/01 4 WEBL chicks seen (1 hidden)  
6/28/01 5 WEBL chicks banded  
7/3/01 Closed Visit all OK   
7/10/01 All Fledged, no sign of mishap  
7/17/01 -0-   
  2002 Begins with Mansion  
8/8/01 Rehung mansion to edge of fairway  
9/12/01 Nuttall woodpecker feathers  
10/24/01 Same   
12/6/01 WEBL pair came and hovered around box at takedown  
1/8/02 -0- Built & hung permanent box
2/6/02 -0- Freshened Tanglefoot
2/27/02 4" long 1/4" wide bark curl (claimstraw) in box; pair came  
3/13/02 Claimstraw no longer in box, bluebirds didn't come during check  
3/27/02 -0-, pair came to tree  
4/3, 4/10, 4/17 -0-, -0-  
4/23/02 3 assorted claimstraws  
5/1/02 Broken claimstraws (roosting)  
5/8/02 -0-, -0- Nest should have been started by now, moved to a nearby taller tree
5/15/02 -0-, -0- Moved back to orig. slanted tree
5/22/02 -0-, Pair flew to previous tree  
5/29/02 -0-, -0-  
6/5/02 -0-, pair came Put another box 100' away to give a choice (-0- all season)
6/12 & 6/19 -0-  
6/26/02 Full WEBL nest, pair near  
7/3/02 Fem on eggs, could see 4  
7/9/02 5 WEBL eggs, fem was on, left  
7/17/02 5 WEBL chicks, hungry open beaks  
7/24/02 5 WEBL chicks, hungry, pair near, all OK  
7/31/02 Closed visit,  box was quiet, female adult came for meals  
8/6/02 4 Fledged, one feathered dead in box, nest clean, vent on bird soiled  
Oct/Nov Nuttall Feathers (Roosting)  Dec = Feathers Disappeared


2/21/03  Claimstraw in box; no bb seen Sprayed poly ceiling with Almond extract (bee deterrent)
3/6/03 Same Tied "Bounce" to hanger (bee deterent)
Both Orig & Alternate Box = WEBL This site has had no HOSP problems since the mansion was installed.  Therefore, weekly logs are discontinued.  The yearly summary bar will be updated. If HOSP problems should occur, logs will resume.  
5/30/03 Orig Box: 2 WEBL Fledged Alternate: 4 Bluebirds Fledged
6/20/03 SWARM OF BEES (vacant box) Bees removed


June 2004 Orig Box = 5 WEBL Fledged  
August 2004 Orig Box = 4 WEBL Fledged Alternate: Box = 5 WEBL Fledged


 2005 Orig. Box = 5 WEBL Fledged Alternate Box = 2 Fledged and 3 Fledged


 2006 Orig. Box = 3 WEBL Fledged Alternate Box = 5 WEBL Fledged


Olive/Ash (Fairway #1)

1999 1-Hole WEBL Fledged (no problem) WEBL Fledged (no problems)
2000 1-Hole WEBL Fledged WEBL Fledged 
2001 1-Hole

WEBL Clutch Killed by HOSP

2001 2-hole Mansion

Replaced w/Mansion = WEBL Missing/Dead (HOSP attack / prefledge?)

2002 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged (no problems)
2003 2-hole Mansion HOSP Eggs  - No Bluebird Activity/Interest
2004 2-hole Mansion

No Bird Activity/Interest 

2005 2-hole Mansion WEBL Fledged (no problems)
2006 2-hole Mansion

Wrens dumped WEBL eggs - no further activity of any species 

2007 2-hole Mansion

(wren eggs) then WEBL Fledged (no HOSP problems)

  Detailed logs (below) begin with 1-Holed Box  
5/1/01 Beginning WEBL Nest  
5/8/01 Almost Finished Nest  
5/15/01 6 WEBL eggs   
5/21/01 6 WEBL eggs   
5/29/01 6 WEBL eggs  
6/5/01 6 WEBL chicks in 1-holer  
6/12/01 6 WEBL killed by HOSP Converted to 2-holer to solve problem
6/13/01? Mansion Empty  
6/16/01 WEBL nest (quick & still damp)  
6/19/01 Finished (dry) nest  
6/26/01 WEBL incubating 5 eggs  
7/3/01 WEBL incubating 5 eggs  
7/10/01 5 WEBL chicks  
7/17/01 5 (content) WEBL chicks  

One mutilated nestling (14 days? old).   Assume HOSP attack.  Not many feathers in box. Others must have prefledged.

  2002 Begins with  Mansion  
8/8/01 -0- Hung skylight box w/old nest
9/12/01 Old nest has deep cup in corner ??  
10/24/01 Mouse droppings & olives in box Moved/rehung in pine tree
12/6/01 Clean box, no bluebirds around it Moved/rehung in Brazillian Pepper
1/8/02 -0- Added Tanglefoot to hanger
2/6/02 Water marks (roosting?) Rehung diff. limb + Tanglefoot
2/27/02 -0-, pair flew to tree  
3/13/02 -0-, -0-  
3/27/02 -0-, could hear blues in tree  
4/3/02 -0-, -0- Moved to tree with higher limbs
4/10/02 -0-, pair came, ate mealworms  
4/17/02 Straw & tissue in box, pair came  
4/23/02 3/4 WEBL nest, pair came  
5/1/02 Full WEBL nest; cup almost at floor   
5/8/02 5 WEBL eggs, pair eats mealworms  
5/15/02 5 WEBL eggs, pair eats mealworms  
5/22/02 Skipped (golf tournament); pair came for mealworms  
5/29/02 4 WEBL nestlings, 1 egg, pair near Unhatched egg had a double shell, one shell over another with a membrane between the layers.
6/5/02 Closed visit, all OK, pair came   
6/12/02 Fledge in process; chicks at both holes; another in nestbox tree  
6/19/02 All fledged Hung a clean box
6/26/02 -0-, -0-  
July 2002 -0-, -0- Bluebirds flying everywhere!
7/31/02 Few Nutall woodpecker feathers in box (fall/winter roosting has begun)  


Feb. 2003 -0-  
3/6/03 -0-, -0- Tied Bounce to hanger + Almond Extract (bee deterent)
April/May Old BB fecal on floor  
6/5/03 HOSP Nest (no eggs) Nest removed
6/13/03 HOSP Nest & 5 Eggs Eggs Splattered, Nest Removed
6/20/03 -0- Rest of Season  
9/22/03 SWARM OF BEES (vacant box) 10/1/03 Bees Removed


2/22/04 SWARM OF BEES (vacant box) 3/2/04 Bees Destroyed
2004 No bird Activity for 2004  


2005 4 WEBL Fledged No HOSP problems



Wrens pecked/dumped WEBL eggs

No other activity
2007 WEBL Fledged No HOSP problems


Past Restroom (Fairway #3) and at Fairway #4

Box location changes: There is a better tree across across the fairway (on Fairway #4) where a second box was hung on 1/8/02.  In 2006, the restroom box had no activity and was removed in favor of the alternate box on Fairway #4.

1999  1-Hole (wet nest, no eggs)
2000  1-Hole

WEBL Fledged WEBL Clutch Eggs Lost to HOSP Nest/Eggs

2001  1-Hole

WEBL Nest, HOSP/Eggs Bloody WEBL Egg, some/Fledged 

2001  2-holer  Replaced w/Mansion HOSP Nest/Eggs HOSP Nest/Eggs
2002  2-holer  HOSP Nest HOSP Nest/Eggs/Nest/Eggs WEBL Fledged
2003  2-holers Orig: HOSP Nest (no Eggs)  New: HOSP Nest/Eggs; WEBL Fledged
2004 2-holers

Orig Box = WEBL Fledged     New Box at FW#4 had 2 HOSP Eggs then WEBL Fledged

2005 2-holers Orig:  WEBL Fledged - (no HOSP problems)  New Box had swarm of bees
2006 2-holers Orig Box = No Activity;  Alternate box across Fairway  = WEBL Fledged (no HOSP problems)
2007 2-holers  1st clutch abandoned Hawks killed parents?   2nd WEBL clutch fledged
  Logs (below) begin with 1-Holed Box  
4/11/01 1/2 WEBL Nest in 1-Holer  

Full WEBL Nest Taken over by HOSP;   2 HOSP eggs

4/25/01   Replaced small 1-holer (4"x4") with larger 5"x5" 1-hole box
5/1/01 Finished WEBL Nest  
5/8/01 5 WEBL eggs  
5/15/01 5 WEBL eggs  
5/21/01 2 chicks, egg, 1/2 bloody egg  
5/28/01 3 chicks  
6/5/01 closed visit, all OK  
6/12/01 WEBL fledged  

Pine needle (bluebird) start w/HOSP nest with 1 egg

Converted to 2-holer and dropped HOSP egg on sidewalk

Full HOSP nest,  eggs

Put HOSP nest on roof of nestbox (speared over hanger), dropped eggs on sidewalk
6/30/01 Few pine needles/feather in box Put up mansion skylight box for good measure
7/3/01 & 7/10 No sign of sparrows or bluebirds  
7/11/01 WEBL came to tree, skylight box had a few bluebird straws Put back the solid roof mansion
7/17/01 Season Ending  
7/25/01 -0- (no change)  
  2002 Begins with 2-Hole Mansion  
8/8/01 A green leaf in box + wasp  
9/12/01 Hawk perched above nestbox Rehung in more protected pine
10/24/01 Cobwebs, no bluebirds seen  
12/6/01 Cobwebs in old box Permanent Mansion built & hung
1/8/02 -0- Put up 2nd box on better tree across two fairways (300+feet) from problem box, new box is closer to houses (HOSP feeders) .
2/6 & 2/27 -0-  Freshened Tanglefoot
3/13/02 -0-, -0- Orig & new box both = 0
3/27/02 -0-, -0- New box  has HOSP grass.  It was tied to roof.
4/3/02 -0-, female WEBL flew to tree New box = HOSP nest; tied to roof and HOSP are pulling it from hanger and reusing.
4/10/02 Old Box = Full HOSP nest (removed nest) New box  = Full HOSP nest & egg (removed nest/eggs)
4/17/02 Old Box =HOSP nest/2 eggs (removed) New box  = HOSP nest (removed nest)
4/23/02 Old Box =HOSP nest (put chicken egg in it) New box  = HOSP nest/2 eggs (put chicken egg in nest)
4/24/02 Old Box =Tore out and scattered most of dome portion of HOSP nest.  Chicken egg nestled in remainder. New box  =Amazing.  Female HOSP is actually incubating her 2 eggs next to the chicken egg.  HOSP eggs AND almost half of the chicken egg were warm.  I splattered HOSP eggs on sidewalk.  
5/1/02 Old Box = I smashed 5 HOSP eggs and left in empty box with chicken egg. New box  =Fem. HOSP was incubating single egg next to chicken egg. Smashed
5/8/02 Orig. Site = WEBL nest (tall) & pair came to tree. All OK. New box  = HOSP nest;  shell of rotten egg was pecked open.  Removed HOSP nest.  Lined box with blue foil and  set rotten egg on top.
5/15/02 4 WEBL eggs (cold); pair defends, eats mealworms New box  = No more HOSP nest, removed rotten egg; left blue foil in box
5/22/02 6 WEBL eggs, pair came New box = 0
5/29/02 WEBL female was incubating, male came, all OK New box = 0
6/5 Eggs gone, nestcup clean and perfect; WEBL pair defending box New box = 0
6/12 & 6/19 5 WEBL eggs; pair near New box = 0
6/26/02 5 WEBL chicks, few days old, pair near New box = 3 dead bees
7/3/02 5 WEBL chicks New box = 0
7/9/02 Closed visit, pair came, all OK New box = 0
7/17/02 Fledge in process, some fledged, pair near, 2 still in box  New box = 0
7/24/02 2 WEBL left in box, dead New box = 0
7/31/02 -0-, season over  
9/11/02 Old box = 0 New box = Swarm of Honeybees; removed by beekeeper, fresh box
10/16/02 Fem WEBL in nestbox tree

New box = 3doz dead bees caught in ceiling batting, comb started on box door; hung fresh box

12/18/02 Dead male WEBL in box; 1/4" orange pupae in chest (3doz) New box = tiny straw on floor


2/21/03  Splotches bb fecal (roosting)  
3/6/03 Same fecal + tiny bb feathers Tied Bounce to hanger + Almond Extract (bee deterrent)
3/21/03 Orig. Box:  no change New Box:  0
4/1/03 Orig. Box:  no change New Box:  HOSP Nest, Removed
4/8/03 Orig. Box:  1/2 HOSP Nest New Box:  HOSP Nest, Removed
4/18/03 Orig. Box:  Full HOSP Nest; removed New: 5 HOSP Eggs; I put on bare floor and added blue foil
4/24/03 Orig. Box:  Few HOSP fecal/straws New:  WEBL in box on approach; all but one old HOSP egg gone.
5/2/03 Orig Box: Few straws, BB seen New: Almost Finished WEBL nest, pair come for meals
5/9/03 Orig: Few fine wren sticks on floor.  Hope it is a Bewicks and hung a wren box (1.25" hole) New: Finished WEBL nest with hawk feather flourish
5/16/03 Orig: Fine stick base

Wren Box: House wren sticks over fine sticks, removed sticks

New Box=:  6 WEBL eggs, fem was on
5/23/03 Orig: Same fine twigs + 6 dead bees (temp stopover)

Wren Box: HOWR sticks removed

New:Box= 6 WEBL eggs, pair near
5/30/03 Orig: Same

Wren box: HOWR sticks removed

New Box= Eggs gone, wren sticks on nest rim
6/6/03 Orig Box: Same

Wren Box Removed

New Box: BB pair in tree, full nest in box (no wren sticks)
6/20/03 Orig Box: Missing; Hung "bee" box to draw bees away from active box New Box: Fem on,  no male seen
6/26/03 -0- New Box: 4 WEBL Eggs
7/4/03 SWARM OF BEES New Box: 3 WEBL; 1 week
7/10/03 SAME SWARM OF BEES New Box: 3 WEBL; 2 weeks
7/16/03 Swarm removed; New Box: closed visit; hung another box in case bees are near
7/23/03 -0- New Box: All WEBL Fledged


2004 6 WEBL Fledged 2 HOSP Eggs / Then 4 WEBL Fledged


2005 Orig Box:  2 WEBL Fledged New Box =   SWARM OF BEES 



Original box by Restroom had no activity and is in the way of golfers.  Removed box in favor of alternate box on the other side of the FairwayAl

 Alternate Box = WEBL Fledged
2007 1st clutch abandoned (parents killed by hawks?)  No HOSP problems 2nd WEBL clutch fledged (no HOSP)


Sand Trap  (Fairway #3) Adjacent to above problem box

1999 1-Hole WEBL Fledged (no problems)
2000 1-Hole

WEBL Eggs Abandoned WEBL Fledge

2001 1-Hole

WEBL Young Abandoned  

2001 Mansion Replaced w/Mansion WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2002 Mansion WEBL Fledged WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2003 Mansion BEE SWARM (entire clutch died)
2004 Mansion WEBL Fledged - (no HOSP problems)
2005 Mansion No Activity
2006 Mansion No Activity
2007 Mansion WEBL Fledged  &  2nd WEBL clutch Fledged (no HOSP problems)
3/27/01 Beginning Nest 1-Hole Box
4/2/01 1/2 Nest  
4/11/01 Finished Nest  
4/18/01 Finished Nest  
4/25/01 Finished Nest  
5/1/01 5 Eggs  
5/8/01 6 Eggs  
5/14/01 ? Fem on  
5/21/01 3 WEBL Chicks  
5/29/01 3 WEBL chicks Standard Box

3 Dead WEBL, no visible injury (abandoned?)

Hung on a more protected tree
6/12/01 Full WEBL nest Put in larger 5"x5" 1-holer
6/19/01 6 WEBL Eggs 2-holer put up (precaution)
6/26/01 Female incubating  
7/3/01 WEBL Hatchlings  
7/10/01 5 WEBL Nestlings Removed unhatched egg
7/11/01 5 WEBL Chicks were Banded Put them in a deeper mansion to protect chicks from jays/hawks
7/17/01 Hungry cheeping, WEBL parent came with food, did not disturb  
7/25/01 All Fledged  
  2002 Begins with Mansion  
8/01 - 10/01 Cobwebs  
12/6/01 Box moving too much on limb Rehung close to trunk, less sway
1/8/02 Seeds in box, signs of roosting Built & hung permanent box
2/6/02 Heard bluebird chirping Hung on much sturdier tree limb
2/27/02 Fecal (roosting)  
3/13/02 ? Skipped
3/27/02 1/2 Nest -  no blues seen  
4/3/02 Full Nest, no blues seen  
4/10/02 2 eggs WEBL pair came  
4/17/02 6 eggs, WEBL pair came  
4/23/02 WEBL female was incubating, male came & clicked,  All OK, no takedown
5/1/02 6? WEBL hatchlings, too young to touch/count; pair came  
5/8/02 5 WEBL nestlings  
5/15/02 Closed visit--hungry cheeping!  No parents seen, left mealworms.  
5/22/02 Fledged, all OK Hung fresh box
5/29/02 Full WEBL nest, pair came  
6/5/02 4 WEBL eggs; pair & family near  
6/12/02 Skipped, too busy on course and  no urgent need to check  
6/19/02 4 WEBL hatchlings, 1 egg, pair came with family  
6/26/02 4 chicks, all looks great, pair  
7/3/02 Skipped, pair came, all OK  

Fledged, all OK

7/17/02 Skipped: Two successful clutches means season has ended for this site  
7/24 & 31 Season over  
Sep-Dec 2002 Straws at door gap  


2/21/03  LOTS of bb fecal droppings  
3/6/03 Pair came to watch takedown Tied Bounce to hanger + Almond Extract (bee deterent)
Status: WEBL nesting This site has had no HOSP problems since the 2-holed mansion was installed.  Therefore, weekly logs are discontinued.  The yearly summary bar will be updated. If HOSP problems should occur, logs will resume.  
5/9/03 3 WEBL chicks trapped/killed by swarm of Bees  
May/June 2003 Wren sticks  Wren sticks removed


2004 5 WEBL Fledged No HOSP problems

  2005    2006

2005 & 2006 No activity in box  
2007 WEBL Fledged & 2nd clutch Fledged No HOSP problems


Christianne's  (Homeowner near golf course HOSP problem area)

This box is located in a suburban yard near some of the golf course "hot spots."  The previous golf course monitor, Bob Franz, sold this box (and others) to homeowners around the golf course.    Christianne requested that the box be removed at the end of 2008 because she travels during the nesting season.

2001 Old 1-Hole WEBL Nest Takeover by HOSP 
2001  2-Holer Replaced w/2-Hole Box WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2002  2-Holer WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2003  2-Holer WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2004  2-Holer WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2005  2-Holer WEBL Fledged - WEBL Fledged (no problem)
2006  2-Holer WEBL Fledged - (no HOSP problem but wrens destroyed 1st clutch of eggs)
2007  2-Holer WEBL Fledged - (no HOSP problem)
2008  2-Holer WEBL Fledged - (no HOSP problem)
@ 5/10/01 WEBL Beginning Nest 1-Hole Nestbox

HOSP going into 1-Holer

Bob Franz asks if I will help. Yes, a 2-holer was hung.

HOSP material over WEBL nest

Removed; displayed torn HOSP nest along brickwork near nestbox. Christianne removes feeders which attract HOSP; takes down extra boxes/gourds.
5/15/01 WEBL took control of Mansion  
5/26/01 WEBL nest  
6/2/01 4 WEBL eggs  
6/17/01 4 WEBL chicks  
6/28/01 Banded  
7/6/01 Fledged, no sign of mishaps  
7/17/01 Season Ended  
  2002 Begins with Mansion  
8/01 - 10/01 No sign of use-old nest left in box  
11/3/01 Droppings on Box Roof Owner sees WEBL near box
2/3/02 WEBL pair going in box, chirping; male has band (1st year)  
2/27/02 Same old nest, no bluebirds seen Hairs found on/in box, moved to adjacent tree
March Old nest with droppings in nestcup (roosting bluebirds)  
4/3/02 Old nest, fresh droppings, pair near  
Mid-April WEBL around nestbox  
End April Christianne sees WEBL bringing straw to box All OK, no need for takedown
5/5/02 3 cold WEBL eggs; banded male, unbanded female, very sweet and trusting Last year, Christianne took down feeders which attracted HOSP; this year, very few HOSP are seen in yard.  No problems at box.
5/11/02 6 WEBL eggs, female was incubating  
5/24/02 6 WEBL hatchlings (2 days)  
6/2/02 6 WEBL nestlings   

All 6 Fledged 

July 2002 -0-, no checks, Christianne would let me know if activity  


Feb. 2003  0  
2003 = WEBL Nest in Progress This site has had no HOSP problems for over a year.  Therefore, weekly  logs are discontinued.  The yearly summary bar will be updated. If problems should occur, logs will resume.  
Early June '03 5 WEBL chicks fledged Beekeeper removed honeybee swarm from chimney next door
Mid June '03 Honeybee swarm in Nestbox Removed nestbox swarm



5 WEBL chicks fledged

No HOSP problems


May 2005

4 WEBL chicks fledged

No HOSP problems
July 2005

4 WEBL chicks fledged

No HOSP problems


May 2006

4 WEBL Eggs Destroyed by Wrens

No HOSP problems
June  2006

4 WEBL chicks fledged

No HOSP problems


3 WEBL chicks fledged

No HOSP problems