Goat E-Mail Discussion Lists

Several Excellent Mailing Lists

If you have a question about goats, subscribe to one of these lists, and then post your question. Your question usually will be answered by an experienced goat owner!  Joining one or more of these lists is an excellent way to learn more about goats.

I have created an electronic mail mailing list, Practical-Goats, for new goat owners to discuss goats, and everything related to their care.  To subscribe, please either visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/practical-goats or send a blank e-mail message to practical-goats-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please e-mail me if you have difficulties.

For more experienced goat owners, Goats is an excellent high-traffic list.  To subscribe, send a message to: listproc@listproc.wsu.edu  In the body of your message, type  subscribe GOATS Your Name   as the only text of the message.

For the more humorous side of goat keeping, Goatslite is an excellent high-traffic list. Visit this link to subscribe, then scroll down to the "join gl", add your info (you don't need to put in a password) and you will be subscribed!