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Book Notes
The New Goat Handbook : Housing, Care, Feeding, Sickness, and Breeding With a Special Chapter on Using the Milk, Meat, and Hair This book is practical and up to date. It has sound advice that covers nearly all the fields of goats. It has an index of useful addresses of goat books, magazines, associations, and suppliers. This is one of the best books on goats and has been a favorite of Basic Goat Primer visitors!
Raising Milk Goats Successfully This is a good introductory/reference book detailing the care of goats. Highly recommended.
Goat Husbandry  
Your Goats : A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing "Your Goats" is an excellent book with informative pictures, graphs, and forms to fill with your goat(s)' information. Although it is meant to be for children, I thing it is good for all ages.
Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way This is another good all-around book. Also highly recommended.
Goat Cheese : Delectable Recipes for All Occasions Explore the world of making goat milk cheese!
Life in the Goat Lane A humorous look at goats and goat-keeping!
Goat Medicine A comprehensive veterinary text addressing health and disease issues of goats raised under varying conditions around the world.
Pygmy Goats: Management & Veterinary Care A very useful reference book for Pygmy Goats.
La Chevre This book details the history of goats, through France, etc. A great emphasis is placed on Alpines.


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