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Kamar Al Nur's Bellydance Homepage

"Turkish Dancers strut, Egyptian Dancers glide"
Elizabeth Artemis Mourat


KAMAR AL NUR is a professional Middle Eastern Orientale Dance Performer, Instructor, Choreographer and Costume Designer with 36+ years of entertainment knowledge. Experience the Divine excellence of La Danse Orientale through the unique, classical interpretation of the one and only KAMAR AL NUR.

In February, 2000, 2002 and 2005, KAMAR AL NUR was selected 1st Runner-Up in the Divine Catagory and the Winner of the People's Choice Award and the Halame Memorial Congeniality Award at the 10th and 12th Annual Bellydancer of the Universe Competition in Long Beach, California.

KAMAR AL NUR is the Director, Choreographer and Costumer of KAMAR AL NUR AND JEWELS OF FIRE Middle Eastern Orientale Dance Troupe based in Long Beach, CA.

KAMAR AL NUR is available for performances, workshops, costuming advice and personal consultations. Specializing in Zils (finger cymbals), veils (both chiffon and silk), multiple veils, circular veil, multiple circular veils, single and double scimitars and swords, fans, veil fans, candles and daggers.

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About Kamar Al Nur's
Bellydance Classes

Bellydance has been deemed the best total fitness workout of the New Millennium. Learn the beautiful Art of La Danse Orientale with the Divine Excellence of one of California's foremost Middle Eastern Orientale Dance instructors, KAMAR AL NUR.

KAMAR AL NUR offers the highest quality Beginning through Advanced level Orientale Bellydance lessons for Adults and Teens in a Studio setting and pre-arranged In-Home Private Lessons. Styles taught are American Classic style (also known as American Cabaret), Turkish Cabaret, Arabic, Folk, Fusion, Gypsy/Latin Fusion and Fantasy styles. Bellydancing is not easy but anyone is capable of learning this exciting form of personal expression.

Although one is exercising while taking a Bellydance class, this is indeed a classical and cultural dance class and not an exercise class. History of the dance and styles of costuming are presented in class as a part of the learning experience.

Intermediate and Advanced Students have a chance to perform at special events. Performing is always optional. Students also learn the use of props such as veils, single and double circular veils, zils (cymbals), fans, veil fans, candles, tambourine, single and double swords and scimitars (w/signed Waiver/Release), daggers and dumbec or tabla (drums).

Please see link above for schedule of classes.


1. Private Only Lessons are available upon request and mutual agreement. Email Kamar Al Nur for schedualing In-Home Private Lessons.

2. $40 an hour for 1-2 students and then $15 for each additional student.


NOTE: This a legitmate Performing Arts Business. Thank You!


How about a BELLYDANCE LESSON for each of your guests at your next BRIDAL OR BABY SHOWER instead of those silly and boring Shower games? Or a group lesson for your ADOLESCENT or TEEN GIRLS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION or any Women's Gathering.

Lessons are taught by Kamar Al Nur. Lessons are 1 hour for $15 per participant or $20 per participant for 1 1/2 hours. There is a minimum of 10 paid students and your Bride, Mother-to-Be or Birthday Girl is free. At Women's Gatherings, each participant must pay. Your lesson includes a short Yoga warm up, a few basic movements, veil movements, shimmies and you will learn a simple choreography to music. A great way for the ladies at your special occasion to get a taste of the biggest rage of the New Millennium. Veils and hip scarves will be provided for up to 15 participants.

***Please note that there is a $25 minimum travel fee. Amount of travel fee is determined by distance to the event from Norwalk.

Contact Kamar Al Nur for more information and booking arrangements.


KAMAR AL NUR AND JEWELS OF FIRE is a Professional Middle Eastern Orientale Dance Troupe under the direction of KAMAR AL NUR. We are noted for our unique American Classic style (also known as American Cabaret), Turkish Cabaret, Folk, Fusion, Gypsy/Latin Fusion and Fantasy Shows, extensive use of props and unique costuming as well as traditional costuming.

KAMAR AL NUR AND JEWELS OF FIRE is based in Long Beach. For more information about KAMAR AL NUR AND JEWELS OF FIRE contact us by clicking our email link at the bottom of this page.

Photograph courtesy of Benny Campa.


The Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition is held by Tonya and Atlantis yearly on President's Day Weekend at Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA.

In the year 2000, 2002 and 2005 KAMAR AL NUR (second from right) was selected 1st Runner Up in the Divine Catagory (20 Plus years of dance experience), voted People's Choice Award and was awarded the Halame Memorial Congeniality Award by her competitors.

Photograph courtesy of Benny Campa.

Kamar's Granddaughter, TAMARA, also competed in the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition at the Willow St. Center in Long Beach for the first time in February 2000 and was judged tied for third runner up. She was very strong and confident. She was also featured on the Channel 11 Fox News that evening. A great honor!

The children are our future and TAMARA is evident of that. Tamara competed again on Feb 17 2001 and placed 2nd Runner Up. She again competed in Feb. 2002 and 2003 and placed a strong 1st Runner Up. She showed confidence, precision in her technique and had real audience appeal.

Photo courtesy of Benny Campa.

TAMARA - 1st Runner Up - Junior Division - 2002 Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition. TAMARA competed again on President's Day Weekend, February 15, 2003 and also placed 1st Runner Up. Balancing a sword seemed to be no problem for Tamara. In 2003, she balanced 2 sword with exact precision. See Photo Gallery for more photos.

Photo courtesy of Benny Campa.


Kamar Al Nur and her granddaughter, Tamara, at Cairo Carnivale on June 3rd, 2001.

Kamar Al Nur and Tamara competed at the 13th Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition Sunday Feb. 16th 2003 in the Group Catagory. They performed under the name "Jewels of Kamarain", which means "Jewels of the Two Moons". They were awarded the Halame Memorial Congeniality Award by their co-competitors in the Group Catagory.

Photograph courtesy of Carlota Haider.


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