Discovery View Cottage Home
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We have been blessed with a little bit of heaven here in Diamond Point in Sequim, Washington. We'd love to share our home with you and let you see for yourself why we think this place is so wonderful.

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, Diamond Point used to be an immigration station.  There are a few buildings remaining from that time, including the skeleton of the dock on which cormorants, herons, eagles, seagulls and other birds like to roost.  In the waters around us, we have seen elephant seals, harbor seals, dolphins, orcas, and occasionally, submarines, as well as hordes of birds from the wildlife sanctuary island you can see from the window.  Deer are also common in the neighborhood, and many different types of ducks, and Canada geese enjoy the small lagoon nearby as well.

Pre-Dawn on Discovery Bay and the Lagoon