i have been reviewing in the progressive rock category for about 2 hours now...this is the first piece tonight that i have heard that truly fits in this category...wonderful melody and progression with the bass and guitar.. very nice drums are vivrant i like that as well...the track has a nice analog warmth to it and not the normal sterile digital sound as well..very much lending to very powerful and classic sound remenisent of prog rock of the late 70's 80's and 90's i could totaly hear someone like ray alder of fates warning doing some vocals on this...awsome piece...a true progresive rock/metal one i have heard in a long while...

bout time allright! some prog! I didn't know you guys still existed. seriously. dig the stuff. keep the underground dream alive. playing music for the sake of making music.

Unbelievable instrumental verse. Very technical, the way I like it. Instrumentation is fantastic. Must be music majors. Shows off well to the prog musician!

Good players -Good guitar figure like the 6/8-real musicians music thank God!

Your song has a nice ballance between guitar and synth. Very good with the orchestration and time signitures. It sounds like you may have a little Dream Theater influence (that would be a compliment from me!) without sounding too much like them. You show a great deal of talent and potential, you kept my attention.

Timing is everything and this song proves it. Wow, to say it is intricate would be understating the brilliant syncopation. This one should be a lesson for anyone who is interested in complicated rhythms. Outstanding work. Bear

123 456 123 456...I like it..6/8 count is a favorite of mine..reminds me of classical waltzs and italian folk songs..That particular time siqnature creates the mood and has a certain atmosphere that is always captivating to me..It really is perfect for this song. It has a meloncholy medieval feel and flow to it that keeps one entranced to the end..

This song has wonderful hints of Pink Floyd scattered through out. Well done!

Advanced music. I think in direction UK, a a group from the 80:thies with Bill Bruford on drums. Have you checked this drummer up ? Very unique musician. Keep it up !

You could rename this one "Intricate" and it would describe it to a tee. The timing is impeccable and this song takes me back to the days of Yes and their marvelous work. I'd put this one at the top of the list of "best epic rock tunes on SF." This one is brilliant.

I am captured by Arandill, to hell with the 4/4 timings hehe. I was just wondering how you set the drum programming or wether you place drum loops. great track! have you yet sent it to apply for some game or race?

oh yes, how clever...a medieval battle theme done in a waltz...i can see the gala in my minds eye...superb work and creativity my friend!

Despite the fact that there is flute, it does sound like something off of Warchild.

there's something about your sound that i feel is very addictive. i had to listen to this one back to back. this line is awesome..."Show the world how a hurting girl makes sunshine from rain" i love the way you bring it down in the end...great job!

What a cool production..The way you sing this took me by surprise at the beginning, and I love it!! As the song progressed I got drawn in more and more by the backdrop that I can only imagine was created by your masterful work of the pedals. I would love to see this live..You truly do paint a picture with your songs man..

oh yes, how clever...a medieval battle theme done in a waltz...i can see the gala in my minds eye...superb work and creativity my friend!

I love the guitars on this and your vocals are awesome as always..hitting those lower tones really adds flavor to the song..very distinctive sound you have..the lyrics and melody really are cool..this song deserves many listens...!

wow, really sounds like a cross between Rush & Yes ! :o) this track brings me back into time (in a good way)... Quality sound, Great guitar work, Excellent technical ability... overall, this cool sound is refreshing nowadays ;o) Keep on Rockin !

DUDE! you really are pro! the intro was very beautiful.. i'm not really the metal guy so the sudden noise from the low vocal and the guitar was not a very nice surprise to me... but i think your work is very pro man!!! really! mastering is very good... I don't hear any bad things at all... you sound selection is very wide and you again put a lot of effort in this one i can hear... Good work man... try to create your next track with a very catchy melody maybe... you might score a hit sometime... I really respect this... very honestly!

Two songs immediately stand out among this list of exceptional music. "Night of The Ferrets" and "The Ballad of Harry Half Hand" . The former being so musically diversified, professional sounding and eclectic, that I needed to listen many times to appreciate every note. It does have the personification of ferrets running wild at night. Slipping and sliding through every chord and beat, hopping around like a herd of squirmy fur balls. The visual is well done. The synth brings in a perfect opening for soulful guitar licks then speeds away into the night. Quite a enchanting composition and very well done, in my opinion. As for "The Ballad of Harry Half Hand", this song is perfect for the present atmosphere of the world economic situation and the collective mistrust of the government pervasive in society these days. It has almost a happy, snappy flute melody running throughout that lends a quality of irony to the already facetious lyrics. I marvelled at the directional difference between this song and the rest of the tracks. "Audio Weapon" has the ability to travel down many divergent paths, while still maintaining a solid identity. This is a very talented musician with an extreme measure of promise for success in his musical endeavors. I am rooting for him to take it to another level.

Sea of Venom is intense! Duuuude!! Your songs are so well crafted - I am really impressed! Just waht I need this sunday afternoon to wake me the f*ck up!! woooot! lol@ rum guzzling, skirt chasing demon heehee. Del <3 Delicious Demmar

MAn, this song OOZES feeling. A Peter Murphy feeling to your voice and I love Peter Murphy. Yet there is so much more, YOU for sure. You should post the lyrics next to the songs so we can read along. You have so much talent and I am enjoying getting to know your music. THAT SOLO is FANTASTIC! ;-) YES! The solo made the whole song that much better! Excellent production. Jason

I am ready for the tRIP now. Love those harmonics! Your use and what you use for f/x rocks! This has a very "Rush" feeling with the bass and the way you work the guitar and bass along with those killer drums. The lead work is O U T S T A N D I N G ! You got a kick a$$ groove going here and you hold onto the listener the entire time. WonderfuL and fun. Your mixing is excellent, along with the sound quality. I enjoyed this ride!

THX for posting the lyrics! This song is taking me to a new world. I can see brothers gathered around a great table discussing the most important things. The lyrics are very strong and have that epic feeling. This plays like a mini movie, very visual, vocals and instruments. THAT LEAD GUITAR AGAIN, WOW! I love how you put just the right amount of everything into your songs. Almost like you start with a huge rock and let the unneeded parts fall away. RISE AGAIN! WE WILL ALL RISE AGAIN! ;-) YES! Great JoB!

Superb lead guitar tone and amazing feeling! Excellent use of f/x. This is beautiful, shedding light all around me. You are taking me to a place I love to be, mellow, entranced and joyful. Excellent sound quality and mixing.

Nice intro. I am diggn' your vocals. "Who made this ****** up dream?"!!! YES!!! You write some excellent, entertaining lyrics. I like the strings playing. The guitars, again, make it. The backing vocals etc. work well. SOLO!!!!!! YES!!! ;-) PRO PRODUCTION!