Audio Weapon is available for solo live performances with a mixture of cover and original music. It's not just your usual solo performance. Rob will sing, play acoustic guitar and accompany himself on MIDI foot pedals with a wide range of instruments. With the addition of orchestral strings, violin, flute, choir, and bass it is not often you can see and hear this much music coming from one person and it's something you won't forget! Listed here is a sample list of the selections Rob will play live with these instrument arrangments.

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7 string animation
Audio Weapon
Spart a Kiss
Slips Away
Party All night
Taken Away
She Can't Wait
Beverly II
Stars Light
Make Believe
Secrets of the Past
Edge of a Blade
Slipped Away
Into The Realm
Lost my Dog
That Was a long Time Ago
Abshied Licht
Into The night
Shake That A** Around
Whispering in the Wind
Mad Dog Blues
Take away the Pain
You Were Meant For Me
Remember the Good Times
Brain Damage - Pink Floyd
Eclipse - Pink Floyd
Celluloid Heroes - The Kinks
Modern Times - Al Stewart
Dark and Rolling Sea - Al Stewart
Can't you See - Marshall Tucker
6th Avenue Heartache - Wallflowers
night of the 4th of May - Al Stewart
Closer to the Heart - Rush
The Sphere - Rush
Against the Wind - Bob Segear
Turn the Page - Bob Segear
Mainstreet - Bob Segear
I'll Stop the World - Modern English
Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil
Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
Lola - The Kinks
There Goes Another Love Song - The Outlaws
Wild World - Cat Stevens
We Used to Know - Jethro Tull
Haunted House of Dance - Willy Friar
Broken Music Box - Willy Friar
Jack A Lynn - Jethro Tull
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
On the Border - Al Stewart
Road to Moscow - Al Stewart
Farm on the Freeway - Jethro Tull
Said She was a Dancer - Jethro Tull
Who'll Stop the Rain - CCR
Knocking on Heavens Door - Bob Dylan
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Comfortably - Pink Floyd
Wodering Again - Jethro Tull
Wondering Aloud - Jethro Tull