Audio Weapon
Cell Phone
It's tiny it's sleek and shiny you see
It's got so many features even takes pictures of me
Look look look at I aint no techno sap
Just take one look inside I got all the hottest apps
Got to stay in touch with all my cyber friends
Cause that's where reality lives in the end
With my little buddy I'm gonna win every race
Then I'll post how great I am on my Buttface
I'm married to my cell phone we're attached at the hip
My wife kind of jealous My hands spend more time on it
I'm a modern day cowboy Through the air waves I ride
Just me and my little buddy Ridin shotgun on my side
It gives me all I ask for and all I'd ever need
I think I'm gonna give it some precious baby seed
When it plays it's little sounds I'm gonna have a fit
Please don't hate me cause I'm rude I just can't help it
And if I was to loose it I would break down and cry
Break up the happy family of me, myself, and I
I really get upset when I don't know where it is
I even like use it while I take a whizz
Remember the time people reacting face to face
Sorry I must have been thinking of another place
It really makes me wonder what is comming next
What did you say I didn't hear I had to read my text
I'm in love with my cell phone We're attached at the hip
My wife very jealous 'Cause I spend more time on it
With my little buddy I'm gonna win every race
And then I'll post how great I am on my buttface
Hi little buddy Come on over here Awww you're just so cute
I just want to hold you We're gonna go everywhere together
And be such good friends You're gonna be right here by my side at all times
You're just so cute Awww I love you so much
We're gonna be the best of friends And we're gonna do everything together
We can go for rides on the car And I'll show you to all my friends
And, and it'll be so cool We'll just be the best buddies ever
Rob with 7 string guitar black and white promo