Audio Weapon
Mad Dog Blues
Going to Brockton last Sat night
Picked up my babe she looked just right
Had some wheels and money to spend
How was I to know that Iíd get it in the end
Criuisin down the road the musicís loud
Glad to be alive and feeling proud
Stayed real late and went back with the band
It was a good night but fate falls like sand
Then I hit a cab and I was gone
He turned around and the chase was on
Cruisin around the corner and tires wail
I was doin 80 hope the brakes donít fail
Looked at my babe she was drinking a beer
Either sheís drunk or has no fear
Trapped like a rat so off the pedal I eased
The boys in blue didnít look to pleased
Now they got me on a rail
I wonder whoís gonna pay my bail
Went to court the other day
The judge said boy youíre gonna pay
Rob with 7 string guitar black and white promo