Audio Weapon
Make Believe
Hot summer nights when the wind washed through your hair
Crusing on the backroads to where we didn't care
The cool moonlight dancing through the trees
Leading us on leading on to a new day
Hot burning days seeking rest in the shade
Waiting on the shadows fading racing away
Hurrying on the light to send it on it's way
And don't you forget about don't forget about the day
That came when you walked out of the door
And I just sat there wondering what it all was for
Now is it what we wanted or is it what you need
Or is it just another story encased in make believe
Encased another story in make believe
Long lonely nights seeking solice in my thoughts
Seeking out the victories both lost and hard fought
Giving up all that we had in one final scene
Is realy what you felt or or was it all make believe
in the day when this is all put aside
Living in the daylight not in the fears we hide
Walking on a tightrope balancing on a beam
A hinge on a doorway that smashes a dream
Rob with 7 string guitar black and white promo