Audio Weapon is Robert S. a solo performing musician playing a mix of classic rock covers and original compositions. Living in Southern Carroll County New Hampshire Robert is available for live performances at you're venue to play a mixture of cover songs and his original music. He is a veteran of decades of live performances with cover and original bands all over Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Presently he has downsized from the full ensemble band format to a "one man band" set up. It's not just your usual solo performance. He will sing, play acoustic guitar, and accompany himself on MIDI foot keyboards controlling for a wider range of instruments. With orchestral strings, violin, flute, choir, and bass it is not often you can see and hear this much music come from one person and it's something you won't forget! If you are a venue owner or booking agent and would like to hire Audio Weapon contact at: 603-539-2352 or email to:

ROBERT S. - 7 & 6 string acoustic/elec guitars, 7 & 6 string electric guitar, 5 string bass, keyboards & synths, percussion, midi foot synth controller, and vocals

Book a live performance of Audio Weapon at your venue!
Rob will play solo an unplugged selection of cover and original music. Perfect for small rooms and places where a full band is not needed.