Dear Parents,


We are asking the parents to help us with snacks during games for the girls. On the game you are scheduled to bring the snack, please bring a jug of water with paper cups, ice (and a baggie) in case of an accident, oranges cut up in wedges in a plastic container, jello squares, and a bag for trash.


Here is the recipe for the jello squares:


(4) envelopes of KNOX unflavored gelatin

(3) pkg. of flavored gelatin

(4) cups boiling water.


1.  Mix KNOX gelatin with jello mix.

2.  Add boiling water and stir until dissolved.

3.  Pour in 13 x 9 pan, chill until firm & cut in 1 inch squares.


If for any reason the date that you are scheduled is not convenient, please use the team roster to arrange with someone else to switch or to cover your game. If the game is re-scheduled, we ask that you also reschedule for the game on the make up date.


Thank you for your help.


4/7              Samantha Hudson         

4/14            Kayla Cancelmo                     

4/21            Emily Chapdelaine                 

4/28            Emma Leslie                          

5/5              Rebecca Gagnon                    

5/12            Alyssa LaManna                     

5/19            Emily Feehan                         

6/2              Noelle Hillson