What we are going to do:


    study and implement graphics, mathematical and geometric algorithms at the abstract and low level.


    study graphic standards, specifically GKS and CORE


    write a simple but operational graphics package based on the GKS graphics standard


What you need to be in this course:


o - Proficiency in a higher-level programming language (C, PASCAL, FORTRAN).


    A course in algorithms and/or data structures, and Systems Programming.


    A course in assembly language.


    Linear algebra, 1 semester of calculus.


Equipment required:


1.  access to some form of graphical device. If necessary, time can be allotted on systems here at FSC, specifically on the IBM PC clones.


2.     Hardcopy capability, to be able to pass in a picture as submission for an assignment.


3.  If your device supports screen dumps and you have a graphics printer, no problem.


4.  If you have a graphics printer or plotter, but NO screen dump facilities, output can be directly to that device.


5.  Each student will be responsible for writing the device driver to output to the device. This is not as ominous as it sounds, but it does require that the student have access to documentation, and be willing to spend some time studying it! Since most students will not all be using the same device, it is not possible to cover all devices in class. However, I will attempt to give examples in class concerning the most popular device, language and operating system.