The Underground Railroad in Northern New York:

This is the beginning of a unit of study that will investigate traces of the Underground Railroad found in Northern New York State. To date, we are finding much the same thing you would have found one hundred and fifty years ago: vague whispers of things that might have been. As one local historian said, "Anyone with a root cellar likes to think they were part of the Underground Railroad."

These are the kinds of leads we will be examining and following up.

To date we have read two books on the subject:

A Place Called Mother Hubbard Cupboard and Follow the Drinking Gourd.

Then the students wrote stories and illustrated them to design a webpage on the topic: If I were helping fugitive slaves, where would I hide them?

Where would you hide a runaway slave?

Where would you hide a runaway slave? pt 2

Where would you hide a runaway slave? pt 3

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