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Announcements: A few really exciting things have happened recently...


bulletI've published my first long essay in the New York Review of Science Fiction, on teaching with Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.
bulletI have uploaded photos of my summer in England.
bulletI have been interviewed by Revish.com.
bulletThe dissertation is getting there.
bulletI have passed all of my Ph.D. exams: 19th-century British Literature, Modern British SF&F Satire, and Jane Austen. All but dissertation...
bulletNever mind the IAFA Division Head news, now I am on the Executive Board, as Membership and Registration Coordinatorwhich was even less expected.
bulletI have passed my Ph.D. Latin language examination.
bulletI was made the IAFA Division Head for Visual & Performing Arts. This is huge news for me, and completely unexpected.
bulletThe Sandman Papers has been published.
bulletI have finished my last semester of Ph.D. coursework.
bulletThe Science Fiction Foundation has published Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature, 2nd Edition, which features an essay of mine called "Death and the Maiden: Using the Ultimate Reality to Realize Ultimate Humanity." The book is available through Old Earth Books.

My teaching blog: Teaching Composition Without Unnecessary Cruelty (but enough necessary cruelty to get the job done).

Contact me at: ninons46723 AT mypacks.net. I check this address infrequently, but I do check it.

Visit my Jane Austen page! This page contains the most malicious Jane Austen quiz ever written. Don't say you were never warned.


A Mythku for You

Horror beyond words-
A buggerall to describe,
Stinky Cthulhu.


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