Links - Some custom sites, all action figure related.  If you have a custom figure site please email me to let me know, I always like checking out other people's work

Other Custom Figures sites

6700curtisbrainstorms - Besides a bunch of  supernatural figures, I also got the custom Eternity from him, he has since made a 6' (feet) version! (site seems down)

Arkenyon's Custom Action Figures - some real nice Marvel and DC customs - to me, his villains are very menacing, he also has helpful how-to articles

Bad Black Cat Customs - he had a great showing at CustomCon 14 of some well done 5" Marvels and I'm glad to see he got his site up and running to showcase his fantastic collection of customs - unfortunately my buddy's website seems to be down

Battlehammer Creations - all of his customs are very clean and smooth, i am most impressed with his animated-styled figures.  Battlehammer Creations seems to be down which is a shame since he's such a great customizer.  The link goes to his the house of ideas gallery - which is also down :(

Brother Voodoo's Plastic Knights - he has a ton of  Marvel 5" custom figures as well as playsets and vehicles.  The standouts for me are his Thunderbolts customs.  (Note:  the link is to his the house of ideas gallery which is now also down)

BullyBoy Action Figures -  Nice customs from Marvel and DC in 5" and 6" scales but I especially like the cool photography with some nice action effects.  (Seems down)

Caenman Customs - really creative Marvel 5" customs, he specializes in customs from the Age of Apocalypse storyline

Captain Hi-Top's Laboratory - 5"  Marvel customs - i like his Defenders and New Warriors figures

Chip and Davy's Total Custom World - Besides custom action figures, they also have.good articles on taking digital pictures of action figures and dioramas

Customs by Dave - sweet 5" scale Marvel Toybiz styled customs, he has a penchant for making the supernatural and creepy characters from the underbellies of the Ghost Rider, Hellboy and Valiant universes.  

Doubledealer's Custom Figures - His customs are true works of art AND he keeps their articulation intact, unbelievable!  Professional quality work here.  You gotta check out his Psylocke and Shanna the She-Devil

Great White Custom Figures and Design - I saw his figs on Ebay and was stunned, proud to own several of his pieces in my collection.  5" Marvel and DC customs.  His site seems to be down so the link goes to his house of custom gallery - which is also down

The House of - Formerly the, this site now showcases all Marvel customs not just focusing on the X-Men universe.  Site seems to be down

Inanimate Objects

Iron Cow Productions

Jack's Custom Page - (sadly the site seems to now be off-line)

Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys - His customs are regularly featured in Toyfare magazine. 

Johnny Cheung's Customs - love his 5" Marvels, in particular check out his amazing Shia'r Imperial Guard and Squadron Supreme customs (Note:  Seems to be down since the Coolcollecting website switched to a DVD site, the link is to his the house of ideas gallery which is now also down)

Joe Acevedo - he has hosted many of the CustomCons as well as other customizers' galleries.  A pillar of the customizing community

Liga dos Bonecos - from Brazil, he collects 5" Marvel and DC and has some good customs.  His site is in Portuguese but is still easy to navigate.  He also has a blog where he talks about toys here:

Mattman's Custom Figures - This father and son duo produces awesome customs of Marvel Universe characters in the 5" scale.  The top of the 5" customizing game as far as i'm concerned, his work raises the bar each time he shows a new custom.  His Hulk, X-Statix and Serpent Society customs are must see.

Mighty Marvel Custom Action Figures - NICE! Marvel customs, very clean 5", wish he made more (sadly the site seems to now be defunct)

Mundos Dos Bonecos - A Brazilian 5" Marvel customizer who has some really nice work, I enjoy his collection of group shots  (site down)

NHM's Custom Figures - this site brings back many good memories of the X-Men cartoon.  Very show-accurate customs in 5" scale (site down)

Raynir's Custom Action Figures - a very talented Marvel Legends and DCUC scale customizer

Thor292's Secret Stash of Custom Figures - a good selection of 5" Marvel, X-Men and Avengers customs


News, Reviews and Resources

Action Figure Insider - action figure news and reviews

Action Figure Times

Bowen Designs - I've gotten alot of ideas from the mini-busts and statues here

Comic Book Bin

Cool Toy Review

Custom Con - I love the concept of regular fans determining how the action figure lines should be done

Edward Wires Toy Prototype Painter - if only released figures look as good as the prototypes he paints (sadly since his passing his website is gone)

Eightball Studios - founded by Steve Kiwus, who sculpted many Toybiz figures, his book Babes, Beasts and Brawn is great for seeing old Toybiz Marvel 5" scale prototypes and a must-read for anyone at all interested in how action figures are made.

Eternal Collector - devoted to collector's showcases and displays

It's All - good source of action figure news

Marvel Universe Bios - the official online source for Marvel super hero biographies, an essential source of information

Marvelous News - Awesome 5" Toybiz resource, nearly every figure is pictured and reviewed

Michael's Review of the Week

OAFE (Online Action Figure Entertainment) - Their action figure reviews are just hilarious!

She's Fantastic - reviews of female action figures

Toy News International

Ze Ball Breaker Micro-Heros Site - features "micro-heroes" art of many characters, including Marvel and DC universe.  An excellent resource for costume designs.


Discussion - lots of helpful and friendly people here

Delphi Forums Customize - unfortunately this board hasn't been active in over a year


Raving Toy Maniac Forums, aka "The Toy Buzz"


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