MY MARVEL 5" COLLECTION (Click on the thumbnails for a much larger picture)

Here's the display cases I bought from IKEA to hold my Marvel 5" action figures and customs.  I originally started with one 2-door bookcase unit.  Eventually my collection grew and i had to add a side unit that's about as half as wide as the bookcase unit (if only i had the space in my room i certainly would have bought another bookcase unit instead).  Both have an extra height extension unit added to the top for more displaying room, it's too bad they don't have glass doors as well to keep out the dust.


Top Shelf - Here's a bunch of villains, with some of the larger BAF styled figures in the back.  Just a few customs here.


Main Bookcase Display - Nine shelves comprising the bulk of my collection. 

Marvel Superheroes.

Superhero teams:  Alpha Flight, New Warriors, Fantastic Four, Exiles, Defenders

Superheroes, Inhumans, Asgardians, Supernatural/Horror characters

The Avengers

X-Men Family, X-Force, X-Factor, Generation X, New Mutants

Cosmic Beings, Elders of the Universe, Infinity Watch, Heralds of Galactus, Guardians of the Galaxy, Kree / Skrull / Shi'ar Empires

Supervillains, Spiderman foes

X-Men Villains

Supervillains (all customs)


Side Extension Unit - I got this when my main bookcase unit got full.  If i had the space in my room, i would have gotten another bookcase unit, but this is fine for now.  I mainly use the case to show variant costumes / extra figures but i do have a few shelves devoted to the larger Cosmic Beings, gods and demons. 

Cosmic / Extra-Dimensional Beings

Gods and Demons

Iron Men

Spiderman and foes costume variants

X-Men costume variants

Cosmic beings

The Giants

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