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Houston gun violence incidents reports from 1997

Following is a list of the gun violence incidents (deaths & injuries) that occurred in the Houston area in 1997. Handguns may make people feel safer, but they unleash incredible violence in our community. The rest of the developed world has figured out how to make people safe without handguns. As a result, they have very few gun deaths and injuries each year, unlike the list that follows.

Mary Farmer, was shot to death by her father on New Year's Eve. He had been firing his gun in the yard when it jammed. When he was trying to unjam the gun, it fired, killing his daughter. 1/97

A man shoots himself in the hand, and shoots and kills his friend, Avery Titus Edwards, when shooting his Derringer on New Year's Eve. 1/97

Kyle Wilhelm, 11 years old, was shot while playing with a 9 mm pistol he and his brother found under a bed while visiting their aunt's house. Kyle is in stable condition. It's not certain which boy was holding the pistol. 1/1

Tracey Martin Lemons, 29, was charged with murder. Her husband Patrick Lemons, 27, was shot in the back and died during an argument. 1/2/97

Robert Harris Jones, 64, was charged with murder related to the shooting death of Michelle Livingston, 26, following an argument in a south Houston apartment. 1/2/97

Kim Tran, 15, was hit in the forehead by a bullet when someone fired 18 shots into a Vietnamese restaurant in Bellaire. 1/6

Arthur Jones, 40, shoots a store owner after being confronted about shoplifting a pack of cigarettes. Jones is shot and killed by the store owner's son. 1/9

Louis Rogers, 22, is shot to death by a man in a ski mask as he left an apartment in northeast Harris County. 1/11

Fredrick Beal, 19, kills himself by shooting himself in the chest with a shotgun. This was first reported as a robbery. 1/11

A woman shot and killed her boyfriend outside a northside service station. Names not reported at this time. 1/11

Raymond Boudreaux, l9, was charged with shooting Fredrick Cooksey, 25, in the head after an argument at an apartment. Fredrick Cooksey died. 1/11

Police were seeking clues in the fatal shooting of a driver Friday in southeast Houston.

Authorities issued an arrest warrant for David Stanton Edwards, 20, for murdering his aunt and grandparents with a .38 caliber revolver. Approximately a week later, David commits suicide.

Carmen Fonseca, 41, and a teenage, Mark Arthur, 17, have been charged in the execution-style slaying of her husband Esequiel Fonesca on Dec. 21. 1/19

Velma Johnson, 52, was shot to death in a dispute with her former husband outside his southeast Houston home. Charles Johnson fired his .22-caliber pistol several times at the car holding his wife and daughter. Charles said they were trying to run over him in their car. 1/20

Robert Contreras, 17, was fatally shot to death in a drive-by shooting in the 1100 block of Dumble. A 16- year-old has been charged in connectioin with the shooting. 1/23

Bobbie Lee Johnson, 26, was charged with killing Kevin Cobbs, 19, after a traffic altercation. 1/24

Maria Machado, 35, the manager of the Taco Cabana on Richmond was shot in the face by a customer angered at being told he owed seven cents. 1/23

Narit Bunchien is charged with killing four people in a car parked outside his home. Narit said it was self- defense. No weapons were found in the car. 1/24

Flor Del Fierro Garcia was in stable condition after being accidentally shot in a relative's home in southeast Houston. 1/22

A man, 22, was found slain in his north Houston apartment. He had a gunshot wound in the head. 1/23

Jorge Bartolmey, 46, was in fair condition at Ben Taub Hospital, after being shot by the daughter of his girlfriend. Jorge hit his girlfriend with a machete in an altercation over crack cocaine he was selling outside her home. The girlfriend's daughter then shot him. 1/24

Joe Joseph, 36, and Tonya Hyatt, 28, were found shot dead in a northwest Houston motel room. 1/97

A Houston police officer shot and critically wounded a man who fired a pistol at the officer. The suspect had been walking through a nearby neighborhood with a gun. 1/24

Police are seeking the killer of an unidentified man found behind a southeast Harris County tavern. The man had been shot in the head. 1/28

Houston police placed a new anti-gang task force in a southeast Houston neighborhood after a drive-by shooting Tuesday that resulted in the death of one teen-ager and the injury of another. Roberto Contreras, a 17-year-old Austin High School student was fatally shot Tuesday. Julio Lara, 14, was injured during the shooting. 1/23

Roy Rivera, 8, was killed with an illegal sawed off shotgun , when struggling with the gun with a teenager who had brought the gun to the apartment. 1/23

Ben Rayfield, 28, was shot then dropped off at his father's house. The person who dropped him off in a black Chevrolet truck said Ben had been shot at a car wash. Ben died at Ben Taub Hospital of a head wound. 1/24.

Eric McDuff, 19, is charged with killing his stepfather, Ronald Johnson. There was an argument at Johnson's home over keys to the jeep. 1/27

Christopher Ortiz, 13, was accidentally shot to death outside his home in northwest Houston by a friend. At first, the police were told it was a drive-by shooting. Later the friend admitted he showed his father's 38- caliber revolver to his friend, thinking it was unloaded. 1/28

Jeffery Poullard, age unknown, was found shot to death by his mother when she checked on him at his home. 1/28

Fabian Wayne Flores of the 400 block of Hawthorne is charge with killing and robbing David Neighbors, 38, in his room at the Budgetel Inn on the North Freeway.

An argument that began in a southwest Houston bar ends in death. Alvin Kidd, 18, and Mario Gallien, 20, were shot when someone opened fire on their van on the Eastex Freeway. A 24-year-old man is expected to be charged in he deaths. A third man was shot but is expected to recover. 1/97

Esquietl Gonzales, 73, is killed in his bedroom in north harris county by a bullet fired from a passing car. This house was the target of a December 1995 drive-by shooting. 2/3

A teenage man, l9, dies in an accidental shooting in west Harris County. At first this was reported as a drive-by shooting. 2/4

Carlos Peniche, a lawyer, shoots Dr. Mark Sanders. Dr. Sanders is in stable condition with two chest wounds. There was an argument over owed money. 2/4

Cisroe Taylor, a 73-year-old cabdriver was found shot to death in his taxi in Southeast Houston. A 15-year- old was later charged. Cisroe picked up the boy as he knew him so wasn't concerned about this fare. The boy, Tommy Maverick Childs, has been in and out of the juvenile system since he was 10 when he was charged with aggravated assault. He had been previously cited for carrying a weapon and burglary. 2/6

Three people were wounded on a far-southwest Houston street after a man opened fire on their car. This is related to a long-standing feud between two men. All three were taken to Ben Taub Hospital. 2/7

A southeast Houston man, 34, was shot to death when he answered loud knocking at his front door. Eluterio Hernandez' attackers fled in a white minivan. 2/7

Anthony Brigham, 37, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting three people after a minor traffic accident on Fondren. Recovering were Eugene Burks, 25, Annette Burks, 23, and Alan Thomas, 18. 2/8

A Houston police officer shot and wounded a theft suspect after a brief chase in southeast Houston. 2/8

Joe Petitt, 27, was found shot to death in his car in the middle of a north Houston street. A 22-year-old man has been taken into custody. 2/11

Boy Scouts Executive charged with pointing a gun at his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Freddie Lee Oliver, 31, tried to get into the day care center where their child was staying. When employees saw he had a gun, they blocked the door. 2/13

A 7-year-old boy is in good condition after being wounded in a drive-by shooting in south Harris County. He is being treated at LBJ Hospital . The shooting occurred in the 6200 block of Landsdown. Police are looking for a 17-year-old boy believed to have fired the bullet during a gang dispute. 2/17

Man with concealed handgun shoots man trying to steal his van. Robert Eichelberg, 49, shot James Turner who tried to steal his van. James Turner, 32, pointing a gun at Eichelberg and began shooting. Then Eichelberg shot Turner, hitting him several times. Turner is recovering at Ben Taub Hospital and faces charges of aggravated robbery. 2/18

Israel Fernando Archundia, 18, was arrested for murder after shooting a man who wouldn't let him back into the party in the 6800 block of the Southwest Freeway. The other man is shot did not die.

Police have no suspects or motive in the shooting death of Jose Miguel Mendoza, 16, in the 6000 block of Gulfton. 2/18

Abel Trejo, 32, was jailed for holding his girlfriend hostage at gun point for four hours. Kathy Paradoski, 33, was taken to a hospital with rib injuries from being struck with a rifle. 2/19

Family argument ends with one person dead and three wounded. Stephen Powell, 28, an unemployed pipefitter, died Tuesday in Herman Hospital with a bullet wound to the stomach. His father-in-law, wife, and her son Shannon, 12, suffered a chest wound. "We aren't sure who sot the first round, said Liberty Country Sheriff O.J. Stewart. 2/19

A man faces a murder charge in the shooting of a teenager with whom he had argued previously. 2/19

Wayne Bateman, 76, shot his girlfriend, Glenda Fontennot, in the leg during an argument. On 6/6 Bateman was indicted with aggravated assault. Bateman is a retired Houston police officer. 2/20

Ezekiel Sanchez, 17, was murdered as he worked at McDonald's at 7814 Bellfort. Joseph Moses Lewis, 17, has been charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery. 2/22

One clerk was shot to death and a second one wounded Friday during a robbery at a Texaco Food Mart in northwest Houston. 2/21

Manuel Santiago Guerra, 59, was pistol-whipped and carjacked as he began his work at Capitol Flea Market. The gun went off twice, but no one was hit by the bullets. The two Hispanic males have not been found. 2/24

Rudy Renaldo Garcia, 19, was shot trying to protect his sister from carjackers in the Montrose area (2600 block of Yupon). When the men threatened to shoot the sister, Rudy tackled the man, who then shot Rudy. The two men have not been found. Rudy is in serious condition at Ben Taub Hospital. 2/22

Larry Bradley, 18, was shot by a robber at a convenience store in north Harris County. He is in stable condition at Hermann Hospital. 2/23

A man was arrested for shooting and killing Felipe Villarreal, 45, at a north Harris County restaurant during an argument. 2/25

Maurio Ortiz and Larry Estrada, both 18, were charged with capital murder in the death of George el-Karb, 41, who worked at the A-1 Food Mart, 2134 Bingle. 2/26

Felipe Villarreal, 45, was shot to death during an argument at a north Harris County restaurant. 2/26

Quigoria Smith, 15, died at Ben Taub Hospital shortly after being shot in the head in a drive-by incident in the 3500 block of Rosalie. His brother Daven, 17, was wounded in the same incident. 3/5

Jose Angel Romo, 38, was shot to death when he tried to stop three men from stealing his girlfriend's purse. Jose and his girlfriend had accepted an offer for a ride in the trio's truck. 3/6

Armando Alcolea, 31, was shot dead in the La Honda club parking lot, in the 100 block of Crosstimbers, during an argument. Mateo Orozco, 35, was critically wounded and taken to Ben Taub Hospital. 3/6

Gabriel Soto, 23, was killed by his girlfriend's ex-husband when Soto and the woman were picking up the children from the ex-husband. Hugo Brenda, 53, faces capital murder in the incident at his apartment in the 1200 block of Wilcrest.

Benjamin Trujillo, 35, shot and killed his employer at a shoe repair shop in Conroe. The two men were know to argue heatedly over religion. 3/8

Hector Meza-Procell, 53, was shot and killed by someone attempting to rob him outside a Chimney Rock nightclub. 3/10

Imel T. Jones, 15, was shot during a drive-by shooting. Witnesses said a van pulled up and several people got out and started shooting at the Jones and his friends in their car in the 400 block of Hollyvale. Jones died at Hermann Hospital. 3/17

Isidio Romero, 28, was shot to death during an argument in t he parking lot of a north Harris County convenience store. Aristedes Carrasco, 18, was charged with the murder. 3/17

Jesus Mejia, 9, died while playing with his father's gun in a closet of their southeast Houston apartment. The boy removed the magazine and was playing with the gun when a live round in the chamber discharged and hit him in the chest. 3/18

Robert Volino, 12, was critically wounded while he and two other boys skipped school and were playing with a gun belonging to one's parents. The gun accidentally went off while one boy was aiming it at his friends, striking Robert Volino in the head. Robert is in critical condition at Ben Taub Hospital. The children were students at Thompson Middle School. 3/20

Rosa Fernandez, 52, was in critical condition after being shot during an argument with her estranged husband in southeast Houston. She was taken to Ben Taub Hospital. 3/21

Daniel Duron, 21, and Juan Soto, 17, are charged with murdering Imel T. Jones, 15. Two other teen-agers where injured. Jones and the two other teenagers were in a car in the 400 block of Hollyvale. 3/22

Jimmy Durant Nellums, a schoolteacher and coach, was arrested for hiring people who held his ex-wife at gunpoint and ransacked the house. Four others were charged with aggravated assault in connection with the March 25 incident at Mrs. Nellums' home in Hitchcock. 3/25

Carolos Martinez, 20, was shot to death in a car while fleeing an auto filled with a group of men with whom Martinez and his companions has argued. The men had got into an argument at a karaoke club at Bellaire and Corporate. 3/24

Rashad Nixon, 19, is charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer. Nixon allegedly fired three shots at a police officer during a routine traffic stop. Officer Harrell, 24, was wearing her bullet proof chest, so only suffered a cut on the forehead when she was shot in the chest. 3/25

A 2-year-old boy was critically wounded after he apparently shot himself by accident. The accident occurred near Groceville and the boy was flown to Hermann Hospital. 3/27

Manuel Plasencia, 37, was killed by his brother, Martin Plasencia, 25, in an argument over whether Martin had been beating his wife. 3/31

Richard Ochs, 47, was fatally shot at the AppleTree grocery, 8630 Stella Link, during a robbery. Mr. Ochs worked in the courtesy booth. 3/31

A three year old boy was critically wounded when playing with a gun he found in his father's briefcase in the front seat of the car. The boy later died. 4/3

A man, 18, was shot outside a home in far southeast Houston and died shortly after arrival at Ben Taub Hospital. Neighbors said they saw three men speed away from 12000 block of Flushing Meadows in a small red car. 4/5

Robert Berger, 38, was shot and killed during a robbery at a southwest Houston dry cleaning shop. Mr. Berger was a respected teacher at Reagan High School. Police said the two Hispanic men were driving a new silver or gray Toyota or Nissan with the license plate beginning with "N". 4/5

Leroy Cain, 35, was shot and killed by his wife during an argument in the south Houston apartment, at 9701 Stella Link. 4/6

Kathy Maria Lenora, 38, argued with her neighbor. The neighbor went home and got her gun, returned and shot Lenora. Lenora died at Ben Taub Hospital. 4/7

Jimmy Garcia died after being shot at a pay phone in the 7600 block of Clarewood. The two men with him were wounded by gunfire. The shooter was in a Mercedes Benz with license plate STP-377. 4/8

Raymond Edward Otis, 31, was shot to death during a shootout outside the A Club, 6811 Bellfort. Otis had been arguing with a man at the nightclub. Both men pulled guns and shot at each other. 4/8

Gunfire killed Jimmy Garcia and wounded two others outside the Super Way Food Store at 7640 Clarewood. A man came up to the group of men near the pay phone and an argument began. Two of the men were taken to Ben Taub and their condition is not known. . Followup: Tony Rodriguez, 21, was charged with the murder. An anonymous tip led investigators to Rodriguez. Jose Lopez remains paralyzed from the waist down. 4/7

Damon Alva Smith, 21, was found shot to death at his home in t he 12200 block of Flushing Meadows. Neighbors saw a red or maroon Honda or Toyota parked outside his home and heard gunshots. Smith died shortly after arrival at Ben Taub Hospital4/8

Police arrested four youths involved in a driveby shooting that same day. 4/9

Curtis Wayne Smith, 26, of Dickinson, was shot and killed while trying to rob the League City Beverage Store. The clerk saw him pull a stocking over his head and saw his gun. 4/12

Carolos Huezo was shot and killed when he and a companion came upon a robbery at 4742 Yale. Huezo died at Ben Taub Hospital. 4/14

Jimmy Tan Van Nguyen, 39, is believed to have killed his wife, Maria Almanza Nguyen, 29, then himself at an apartment at the 6300 block of Ranchester. 4/16

Jamie Earl Washington, 24, is charged with kidnapping his girlfriend and holding her hostage after shooting her sister. The sister, Melissa Williams, 28, is in good condition in Ben Taub Hospital. 4/16

Frederick Anthony Evans, 35, was found shot to death on a northeast Houston street. 4/16

Robert Nicholas Angleton, 48, and his brother Roger Nicholas Angleton, 55, are being held without bail in the shooting death of Robert's wife, Doris McGown Angleton, 46. Doris was shot in her home at 3031 Ella Lee Lane. Robert was a bookmaker and police informant. 4/16

Cedric Johnson, 21, was shot while lifting weights in a garage in a north Harris County home. Gerald Williams, 18, and Garland Johnson, 23, were charged. They thought there was drug money in the house. 4/19

An unidentified man was found shot to death in the parking lot of a North Harris County nightclub. 4/27

William Albritton, 57, is accused of shooting Reuben Lown Moore, 22, on April 28. Albritton is free on bail after being charged with murdering his former son-in-law.

State District Judge Werner Voight, 60, shot and killed Ronnie Tucker, 41. Tucker had stolen a briefcase from a lawyer. Voight pursued Tucker who began to beat him. Voight shot Tucker three times, killing him. Tucker was mentally ill and homeless. 4/30

James Patrick Lawrence, 34, was found dead from a shotgun wound on Turning Basin Drive. 5/9

Richard Oeffner, 22, was charged with killing Ricardo Flores Lehr during a May 10 robbery in the 6500 block of Atwell. 5/10

Amin Momin, an employee, was found dead on the floor of the 6900 W. Bellfort convenience store. He had been shot four times. The killers robbed the cash register and Lotto machine. 5/10

A woman called the constable's office to say she had shot her husband Charles Andrus, 54. Officers found him dead in the Andrus home in the 19000 block of Shady Cove. 5/16

David Morgan, 27, was shot in the head as he attacked his girlfriend's ex-husband with a 4-foot long steel pipe. This happened in the 800 block of West 18th Street. 5/15

A 12-year-old boy accidentally shot his 12-year-old friend. The boy is in critical condition. 5/18

Avanell Pope, 66, was arrested for firing shots at a police officer in northeast Houston. Officer C. Bigger was checking out a report of shots being fired at a residence in the 2500 block of Fairbanks when shots were fired through the front door of his patrol car.

Douglas Keebies was shot and killed by his former wife outside a northeast Houston nightclub in the 3100 block of Bay. 5/18

Marcus Fleck, 32, a former Harris County sheriff's deputy, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder in the shooting of his neighbor, Glen Ray Baker, 38. The shooting stemmed from an argument. Fleck thought Baker reached for a pistol, but it turned out to be part of an air pistol. 5/24

Alfred Hernandez, 54, was found shot to death in a southeast Houston trailer where he lived with a roommate. 5/25

Margarito Albert Resendiz of the 11300 block of Fondren was shot to death while driving his car in southwest Houston. 5/25

Yolanda Gonzales Garcia, 41, gave an officer a $200 down payment, in an attempt to hire a hit man to kill her older brother. 5/25

A 33-year-old man died after being shot while walking along the 6300 block of Waltrip early Sunday morning. He died at Ben Taub Hospital. 5/26

Two young men shot at Houston police officers after being ejected from a school prom at the Nottingham Country Club. 5/26

Ramon Minabecerra, 42, of the 6200 block of Renwick was badly wounded. His hands were taped together and he had been shot five times in the face and chest. Oscar Granja, 40, of the 3400 block of Ocee was also shot in the arm and leg in the same incident. Police believe the incident is drug related. 5/27

A man was killed near a gas pump at the Stop N Go at the corner of South Post Oak and West Ridge Creek in southwest Houston in what appeared to be a gang-related shooting. 5/30

S. M King, a pharmacist at Kirkwood Pharmacy, shot and killed a would-be robber at the store. 5/30

William Carol Carter, 39, of Conroe was found shot to death in northeast Houston, in the 4400 block of Fitch. 5/30

Belma Sosa, 54, killed her common-law husband Daniel, and then herself in a home at 102 Sylvester in northeast Houston. 6/3

Trent Johnson, 10, was accidentally shot to death by his 16-year-old brother. 6/4

Tramane Green, 16, was shot to death as he waited for the bus at the 7000 block of Touchstone. Tramane was an honor student at Kashmere High. Terry Lynn Kegler, 18, Kedric De'Shaun Kegler, 17, and Christopher Anthony Thorne, 25, were charged with the murder. 6/6

Sammie Johnson, 25, was shot dead at a nightclub in the 9600 block of Main. Wounded were Robert Levy, 19, Carol Anderson, 22, and Jerome Sampson, 19. At least four people were wounded and an estimated 1,000 people scrambled for cover as they left the club at 2 a.m. 6/7

Arthur Lee Banks, 44, of the 8000 block of Homewood was shot in the abdomen with a shotgun and died four hours later at Ben Taub Hospital. Witnesses said he was shot by one of his relatives. 6/9

Corey King, 26, was found shot to death in a southwest Houston carwash in the 13100 block of Hillcroft around noon. 6/11

Alfredo Guitierez, 18, was shot to death as he used a pay phone in the 6500 block of Ashcroft. The motive is unknown. 6/12

Richard Shaw, 30, a member of the rap group The Geto Boys, has been indicted by a grand jury on charges that he shot at his brother Andrew, during an arguemnt at his Mission Bend home. 6/12

Felix Cludio Moran, 44, was found shot to death in the 2200 block of Margaret. His gray l982 Mercury Grand Marquis is missing. 6/23

Israel Castro, 18, was left wounded at an east Houston fire station in the 6900 block of Navigation. Castro, shot in the stomach, died later in Ben Taub Hospital. Investigators said Castro may have been involved in a dispute with some neighborhood youths earlier in the day. Elloy Carrillo, Jr., 17, has been charged in the June 10 murder of Israel Castro in what is considered a gang-related shooting. 6/13

Rodney Kelley, 32, was shot in the chest by his girlfriend in the 6700 block of Leedale. He died later in Ben Taub Hospital. 6/14

Clarence Brandley, 45, hit and pulled the trigger of an unloaded gun at his girlfriend Tammye Law, 31, who refused to cook him a meal. Brandley was a former death row inmate whose conviction was overturned in l989. 6/14

Robert Lee Conner, 47, was found shot to death in the 1100 block of St. Charles. 6/23

Tam Doy Le, 24, was shot in the chest and killed at the Bibohung Dao Pool Hall at 11220 Beechnut. Le and some other men got into a fight with chairs, pool sticks, and bottles. 6/24

Neil Simpson, 26, was shot while riding in a van in the 5600 block of the Southwest Freeway service road near Chimney Rock. Police said at least 10 shots hit the van. Police believe the shooting to be an act of random violence. 6/28

Frederick Dewayne Carroll, 21, was shot to death when he broke into a home in the 9400 block of Sharpview. He and 2 other men broke into the house. Carroll died at the house after being shot by the homeowner.

Miguel Espinoza, 27, was shot following after a wrestling match at a pool party that got out of hand. Jose Perez, 42, was charged with murder.

Gregorio Rodriguez, 10, was shot in the legs during a drive-by shooting in southeast Houston. He had just purchased some food at the Jack in the Box in the 1200 block of Wayside. As he started down Wayside, shots were fired from a car at the strip center where several gang members were standing. 6/30

Juan Alfonso Villareal, 18, was shot to death during an argument between his friends and another group of men at an apartment complex at 6113 Gulf Freeway. 7/1

Xavier Leonard, 20, was killed in a drive-by shooting in southeast Houston. 7/1

A man was taken into custody after a power company meter reader saw him waving a firearm at two women. After 3 hrs of having a SWAT team around his house, he surrendered to police. 7/1

A man committed suicide after a failed attempt to rob the Bank of America at 2303 Fannin. 7/2

Alexander Parisi, 32, was shot to death during a home invasion in the 2700 block of Connervale. Vernon Cameron, 24, was found wounded in another room. Four or five armed men forced their way inside the house. Police believe the attack may have been drug related. Adrian Chavez, 22, was charged with his murder. 7/2

A 15-year-old Magnolia girl is accused of offering a convicted felon $350. and a shotgun to kill her father whom she said molested her. 7/2

Julito Casio Linguaje, 42, was found shot in the head in a van parked in the 7800 block of South Loop East. 7/2

Cynthia An Tucker, 27, has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Albert F. Orsak Jr. , 37, with whom she lived. 7/7

A 16-year-old boy shot his father to death then himself during a confrontation. They had fought in front of their home in the 1900 block of Sakowitz in northeast Houston. 7/8

Jose Mondragon, 26, was shot after allegedly pointing a gun at a Houston police officer. Mondragon was released from Ben Taub Hospital then charged with attempted capital murder of a peace officer. 7/8

Carolyn Olivas, 32, was shot dead. A man identifed as Olivas' boyfriend was taken into custody. 7/8

Susan Woodard, 43, was shot by her husband Raleigh Samuel Woodard, 65. Police charged Raleigh Woodard with attempted murder. 7/8

Phyllis Shelby, 31, of 12338 Kitty Brook, was shot to death by two robbers when she returned to her home with her three daughters. Shaun Bicari Sanders, 23, and Windeon Demane Sanders, 25, brothers, have been charged with murder. Both brothers were recently in prison. 7/14

Harvie Fairbanks, Jr. 35, of the 5800 block of Phillips died at Ben Taub Hospital from two gunshot wounds. His 26-year-old neighbor was arrested shortly after the shooting. Neighbors said the two had argued.

A 13-year-old boy was shot to death. Police are investigating whether the boy committed suicide or was killed wihle playing with a gun. He lived in the 7300 block of Brace. 7/14

Police Officer Kimberly Trimmer shot a burglary suspect when he broke into her home. 7/15

Mark Lewis, 30, was charged with the murder of Beverly Matthews, 30, who was his girlfriend. He told police she had been shot by burglars, but her children said otherwise. 7/16

Cosmond J. Irurhe, 38, was slain at an outisde pay phone at a Whataburger at 1718 West Loop North. The slaying may have been the result of an attempted robbery or carjacking. 714

Gerald Laney Donner II, 29, was arrested for the slaying of Andrew Touring, 18. The teenager was found dead in a sand pit on 7/6. This followed an argument over drugs. 7/19

Police are searching for Karla Dale Hill, 33, whose boyfriend Richard Wooten, 57, was found shot dead in his apartment in the 9000 block of Town Park. 7/13

Artemio Ramirez Soto, 34, was found shot to death in an apartment in the 6800 block of Beechnut. Carlos Gomez Ortiz, 20, was later charged with shooting Soto during an argument. 7/21.

Shawn Alphonso Harris, 20, has been charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer after he shot Officer Antonio Ford in the 8200 block of Boyd. Ford had chased Harris from Northline Mall where he was suspected of sholifting. Harris was arrested at Burbank Middle School. 7/22

Joseph Henry Calloway, 40, was shot in the back in the 8600 block of Rockmont. 7/24

Willie J. Yarbough, 37, was shot to death while standing at the front door of a house in the 8100 block of Sharondale while he was arguing with someone in the house. Gary Eugene Jones, 17, is accused of killing Yarbough. 7/24

Fernando Balle Carrizalles, 20, was shot to death outside his southeast Houston apartment, in the 166 block of Winkler. 7/28

One man was shot to death and another injured as they shot each other outside a southeast Houston residence in the 4900 block of Berma. 7/27

William Cockrell, 67, was shot to death inside a residence in the 14000 block of Buffalo Speedway. Police are looking for his girlfriend. 7/27

A man living in the automotive repair shop he owns shot and killed two men who broke into the shop. 7/28

Emmett Leslie Plant, 42, was shot to death by his neighbor with whom he had argued. This happened in the 17000 block of Scrub Jay in northwest Harris County. 7/30

A 14-year-old boy is charged with the death of his 15-year-old friend at a home in the 241000 block of East Lake Houston. The 14-year-old boy said he had a gun so he could protect himself. The 15-year-old died at Herman Hospital. 7/30

Dwayne Woodward, 35, was shot and killed Friday in the 3400 block of Rosedale. Woodward argued with a man at the front door and then was shot. 7/31

Raymond Leon Best, 50, is charged with murder for killing his terminally ill mother,Mary Jane Best, 74. He shot himself in the face attempting to take his own life in Bellaire. 7/31

Demitrius Scott, 7, was fatally shot as he watched TV in his southwest Houston home in the 6100 block of Muskigum. Demitrius Scott died in Ben Taub Hospital that same evening. 7/31 Photo at left.

A f ather accidentally shot has 12-year-old son at a westside convenience store. The shoulder wound was not life-threatening. The boy was taken to Ben Taub Hospital. 7/30

Kenneth Davis, 38, was attacked and shot by two intruders in his home in Pearland. When Davis gets out of the hospital he will be charged with delivering marijuana. Three men have been charged with aggravated robberty. 8/1

An unidentified man, mid-20's, was found shot to death near the Frenchman Creek Apartments, 7003 Bissonnet. 8/6

Audi Phong Nguyen, 22, of the 8200 block of Split Oak is accused of killing Samuel Ontiveros, 21, during an argument at Ontiversos home. 8/6

Joseph Henry Calloway, 40, was killed when he drove away from a friends's home in the 8600 block of Rockmont Court. 8/8

Police are looking for Antonio Martinez, 20, who is a suspect in a shooting and carjacking in Stafford. 8/7

Terrence E. Tate, 33, was found shot to death in his southeast Houston apartment in the 3100 block of Oakdale. The shooting fit the description of a suicide, but no gun was found. 8/9

Gustavo Ramos, 20, and Cliffod "Bo" Dees jr. are wanted in connection with a shooting in which a house was damaged and two teen-agers assaulted. Gustavo and Bo fired several 45-caliber rounds into a house and cars during a birthday party. 8/13

Odis J. Collins, 19, is charged with attempted capital murder. Collins is supected in up to 30 home burglaries around Martin Luther King Drive and Bellfort over the past two moths. In three of the cases, women were sexually assaulted and 11 shots fired at one victim. 8/14

Jose J. Valdez, 24, was shot to death by three security guards who told police he tried to run them down with a car after they barred him from a northwest Houston nightclub, the Riviera Club at 3756 Roma. 8/4

Crabon Bush was shot to death by men in a white pickup that passed by him in the 7400 block of Crofton. 8/2

Jeremy Rashad Sloan, 16, was killed by robbers as he slept beside his girlfriend and their 3-month-old baby in an apartment in the 6100 block of W. Bellfort. 8/10.

Gregorio Ramirez, 41, was shot and killed by a robber as he sat outisde his apartment in the 8800 block of South Braeswood. 8/10

Tri Ngoc Dang, 23, was in critical condition after being shot outside a nightclub in the 8200 block of Bellaire Blvd. Thack was charged in the incident. 8/10

Vorad "Mike" Khouphengpheta, 24, was found shot to death in his car outside his residence at 1700 Wilshire Park Drive. A witness saw a green sports car leave the shooting scene. 8/4

Hank Thomas, 44, and his daughter Tammanthy Thomas, 18, were shot twice each at Rico's Chicken and Rice in the 1700 block of Wirt Road. They were in fair condition at Ben Taub Hospital. A young man were reading the only menu and would not share it, so the two men began fighting. The younger man returned with a 9mm pistol and opened fire. The suspect is a black man around 5'7" with a gold tooth driving a tan Honda Accord. 8/17

Jesse Ramirez, 40, was shot outside the Dos Compadres Club at 10413 Bauman. He died at Ben Taub Hospital. 8/11

John Ray Ramirez, 16, was found found shot to death on a Pasadena lawn in the 1600 block of Harrop. 8/18

Jesse Anthony Castillo, 17, was killed by gunfire from a passing car on the 9200 block of the Gulf Freeway. Edward George Lewis, 23, has been chjarged with the murder. Apparently the men had been arguing earlier. 8/25

A 10-year-old boy and teenage girl were wounded when shot at from a car on Houston's southwest side. The boy is in good condition at Ben Taub Hospital. 8/29

Joe Lopez, 28, shot and killed Joseph Martin Gomez, 19, who was apparently trying to steal Lopez' pickup. 8/25

Amy Lynn Hill, 18, was abducted at gunpoint from her home by her ex-boyfriend. She was forced to drive away from the house in her own car, a brown Plymouth Reliant, license plate BJZ-60S. 8/27

A man was found shot to death in a far southwest Houston home, 5400 block of Maywood. It's unknown whether the shooting was a homicide or a suicide. 8/23

A man was shot to death in the 4800 block of Kelley. He was dead on arrival at Ben Taub Hospital. 8/30

A railroad engineer had shots fired at him in the 100 block of McCall where he was operating a train. When railroad police arrived, they were also shot at. The Houston SWAT team surrounded the area for several hours, but no one was found. 8/18

James Ray Alexander, 41, was found shot to death in the living room of his house in the 7900 block of Cinderella. Alexander was well-liked by his neighbors whom he often helped by moving lots, cooking. 9/1

Frank Conway Bell, 42, was shot and ran to a home in the 7900 block of Lockwood. Bell died at Ben Taub Hospital. An older model light blue Mustang was seen speeding away from the scene. 9/4

Leonor Campos Vico, 68, was killed by a gunshot wound. She was found in her home that doubled as a hair salon at 7140 Avenue O. Vico's husband, Ruben Vico, 61, has been charged with the murder but has not been found. 9/1

Shonda Lizette Dunn, 22, has been charged with the shooting death of Tasheka Maella Farwell, 20, during a fight over a mutual boyfriend. 9/3

Alexander Gonzales, 26, was shot to death in the 9300 block of Richmond. Witnesses said Gonzales was shot by the firend of a man whose girlfriend Gonzales had commented on. Another man was shot in the leg. 9/3

Ricardo Alaniz Garcia, 22, was shot death in the back yard of a home in the 800 block of Kentucky. Three others were wounded and taken to hospitals. 9/8

Thylong Dinh, 48, fired a bullet into a crowd of juveniles in the parking lot of his convenience store after teens threw a rock through his window. Terrell Ward, 15, was shot in the leg and is in fair condition at Hermann Hospital. Residents said that Dinh is quick to pull his gun on patrons. 9/3

Two men turned themselves in for the fatal shooting of Allen Hensley, 27, of Baytown. They said Hensley demanded crack cocaine from then and put a pistol to one man's neck. 9/2

Laurie Hillinski and Ann Marie Law, ages undetermined, were watching two men fight in an aprtment in the 17600 block of Cali when a shotgun blast discharged. It killed Hillinski and sent Law to Hermann Hospital in critical condition. 9/10

A man was shot to death while arguing with another man in a a dispute that had been going on all day. The man was shot in the 7000 block of Capitol and died at Ben Taub. 9/15

Seneca Jermale Swearingen, 20, was shot to death while trying to rob a man of his gold chain. This occured in a strip center in the 700 block of Greens Road. The man was taken to Ben Taub where he later died. The man who shot Swearingen was white and drives a white Honda Civic. 9/18

Lorenzo Flores, 26, was killed by his 23-year-old girlfriend who accused Flores of being involved with another woman. She approached a pickup where he was sitting in the 5800 block of Liberty and began firing. 9/18

Wilford Wayne Jones, 43, shot and killed his wife, then drove to Louisian and killed himself. 9/9

Kenneth Marshall Gaines, 55, was shot in the 5400 block of Calhoun. He walked to a Shell station to ask for help, then later died at Ben Taub. 9/15

A 15-year-old girl was critcally wounded during a shooting at a southeast Houston apartment complex. The girl and members of her family argued with a group of 20 to 25 men in a parking lot of the apartment complex at the 6100 block of the Gulf Freeway. 9/21

Kathy Hayes, 37, and Charles Wayne Hayes, 36, were found shot to death in their home in the 3300 block of Bayer in LaPorte. They were found by their 16-year-old daughter.

J. B. Davis, 20, is accused of firing a shotgun several times and killing James Earl Raven, 24 of Rosenburg. The two men were arguing on a vacant lot when the shooting occured. 9/23

Javier Quintanilla, 17, of the 7500 block of Bissonnet was shot to death when he left his soutwest Houston apartment with an early-morning visitor. Police have not identified a suspect or motive. 9/25

George Sheehan, of the 200 block of Wells Fargo, was found shot to death. Detectives arrested two 14- year-old boys and one 16-year-old. 9/25

Jose Luis Herrera, 20, was shot to death while he rode in a car on Westheimer. Four young men drove their car beside his and began showing gang symbols and shooting. 9/29

Gabrriel Arrona Gonzales, 29, resident of Stafford, was shot to death and found beside FM 521. 9/30

A man visiting an east Houston apartment complex was attached by two men who shot and stabbed him to death. 9/26

Irma Thomas Malloy, 61, Dean of Education at TSU, was shot to death, apparently during an attempted carjacking. Otis Burks, 19, and Percy Davis, 17, were charged with aggravated robbery, and Calvin McGee, 20, with capital murder. 10/1

At least two people were shot, one by an off-duty Harris County sheriff's deputy Saturday night in north Houston at the intersection of Imperial Valley and Greens Road. 10/5

Edward Hardin, 18, was shot to death by Lawrence Aikens, 18. in the 12300 block of Bob White Hardin and Aikens got into a dispute while Hardin was sitting in a parked car. 10/5

Warrick Dalon Watts, 21, is charged with killing Tommy Neal Densen, 27, and Lawrence. G. Marshall, 34 on Sept. 17. Police believe the two had been involved in a drug deal. Watts remains at large. 10/7

Julie Gregory, 12, was shot in the head and killed by a 15-year-old boy playing with a pistol. She was taken by Life Flight to Hermann Hospital where she died. The gun was owned by the boy's father. 10/97

William Gregory Odstrcil, 42, was found shot to death. Odstrcil was a truck driver and was found slumped over in his pickup truck near Conroe. 10/7

A northeast Houston store owner shot and killed a gunman at Tony's Food Mart in the 4000 block of Wylie. 10/8

Jameius Arlando Evans, 24, was wounded by police after he pointed a weapon at them during a traffic stop. Evans has been charged wtih aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a public servant. He remains at Ben Taub Hospital. 10/10

Alfred Dwayne Scott, 20, of the 4100 block of Tiffin, was shot to death as he attempted to rob a convenience store. 10/10

Sky Seal Tucker, 14, was shot to death by a 16-year-old boy who said it was an accident. Sky died at Ben Taub Hospital. The boy was charged with manslaughter. and the apartment resident, who owned the shotgun, was charged with making a firearm accessible to a child. 10/10

A child was shot to death and a second juvenile wounded during a shooting in League City at a residence in the 5300 block of Carefree Circle. 10/8

Three men were shot at when walking to a nightclub in the 9800 block of Centre Parkway. One victim was struck twice in the chest and was dead at the scene. The second man was hit several times and taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he was in critical condition. 10/11

A nude man who broke into a house at the 3600 block of Topping was shot and killed by the 17-year-old boy living there. 10/11

Glen Edwards, 35, was shot to death by a woman during a dispute in the 15700 block of Maiden. He was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, where he died. 10/11

Thuy Nguyen, 18, was found dead on the Bolivar Peninsula. Thuy had recently moved to Houston. 10/11

Coutney Dirden, 16, was shot in the neck in a confrontation with two young men in the 17600 block of Cali. One of the men was arrested at the scene. 10/

Three teen-agers were shot while walking to a southwest Houston store by an unidentified man in the 7400 block of Rampart. Carlos Alcaraz, 15, remained in critical condition at Ben Taub Hospital. Arumal Zaya, 15, and Marvin Avelar, 14, are in good condition. 10/14

Derrick Brown, 17, was shot to death during an argument in the 5700 block of Thousand Oaks Circle. An 18-year-old may be charged. 10/14

A 12-year-old boy was shot in the back by a Liberty man, Nathan, David, 31, who said he caught the youth stealing his bicycle. The boy is in Hermann Hospital. 10/14

A 15-year-old boy shot and killed a masked intruder who tried to stab the boy's father. Milki Rodriquez, 17, died at a nearby hospital. 10/14

Daniel Gonzalez, 19, was charged with murdering Carlos Salmeron, 18. Salmeron had argued with several men in the parking lot of a shopping center in the 12330 block of the Gulf Freeway. 10/20

Erasto Rodriguez Gonzalez, 27, was shot in the head while driving. The backseat passenger, Marco Antonio Melendez, 25, had been looking at a loaded gun. The gun accidentally discharged. This happened on Telephone Road at Pecan Villas. 10/21

Two robbers stole $900,000 worth of jewelry and wounded the owner of a southwest Houston business. 10/28

McKinley Young Jr. 22, of New Orleans, was found shot to death in northeast Houston. He was found in the 3900 block of hare. 10/29.

Rodney Vincent Thompson, 43, was found shot in the head in the 13200 block of Summit Ridge. 10/29

An unidentified patron was shot and killed in a southeast Houston nightclub in the 6400 block of Cullen. 10/30

Crystal Edmon, 13, was in critical condition, and Christina Taylor, 12, was in good condition after being shot while riding their school bus in northeast Houston. The two, who were in a vanguard program at Lanier Middle School, were shot as the bus neared Laredo and Brownsville streets. There were seven Hispanic males in the middle of the street on bicycles and they began firing at the bus. 11/1

Mark Anthony Diaz, 18, was charged with reckless conduct in the shooting of a 14-year-old boy. The wound does not appear to be life-threatening. The shooting occured at a residence in the 5200 block of Brady. 11/2

A gunman opens fire on a crowd as he thought one of them had said something insulting about his girlfriend. Hurbano Espinosa, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene. Eusebio Torres Diaz, 24, was taken to Ben Taub Hospital with a gunshot wound to the hand. The men were standing in a yard in the 6600 block of Hillsboro drinking beer and listening to music. 11/2

Christopher Gilford, 21, and Michael Clayton Evans, 22 were confronted by a man at an apartment complex in the 7500 block of Office City Drive. The man was ejected by a security guard but returned and fired on Gilford and Evans. Gilford died at the scene. 11/5

Investigators believe that Jeffrey Flynn, 27, shot Jeanette Chain, 38, during an argument, then shot himself. Both people were found dead at Flynn’s parent’s home in Bayou Vista. Each had one bullet wound in the head, with a pistol nearby. The two shared a home in Texas City. 11/8

David Louis Zaragosa, 27, was shot in the chest in an apartment in the 6700 block of Fulton. He was apparently shot to death by his drinking companion. 11/11

John Ray Speaker, 33, forced his way into his estranged wife’s home and shot and killed Samuel Bader, 22, the boyfriend of Speaker’s wife. John Ray Speaker was also found dead in the house, apparently from suicide. 11/11

Elizabeth Marie Maldonado, 26, was shot in the head outside the Strawberry Hill Apartments. She died at Hermann Hospital. The body of Jesus Alberto Rodriguez, 28, also shot once in the head, was found in an upstairs bathroom of the pair’s apartment. A .38-caliber revolver was under his body. The pair had a 6-month-old baby. 11/14

Coy Wayne Westbrook, 41, shot and killed his ex-wife and three other people at her East Harris County apartment. A fifth victim, Kelly Hazlit, 28, was in critical condition at LBJ Hospital. 11/14

Brandon Tijerina, 20, was killed by gunshot from a black Honda in the 4400 block of Westheimer after a traffic altercation. The occupants of the Honda made a U-turn and fired 22 shots into Tijerina’s car. The shots killed Tijerina and injured Corey Thomas, 26. The Honda occupants were described as Asian males. 11/18

Barbara Williams, 30, was shot and killed outside her southwest Houston apartment in the 9000 block of Forum Park. There were no witnesses. 11/25

Kim Thi Nguyen, 38, was shot to death as she ran from the convenience store where she worked in the 7100 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard. Surveillance cameras filmed a 17-year-old man who was later found and charged. 11/25

Danny Aguilar, 17, is charged with shooting and killing a convenience store operator who questioned his age when he tried to buy tobacco products. Kim Thi Nguyen, 38, was shot to death at the T-L Food Mart in the 7100 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard. Kim ran next door to a nail salon, but the door was locked, so she was shot outside the shop. 11/26

Rafael Benet, 29, was shot by three masked men. The men had followed Benet’s two female relatives home from a shopping center to their Mission Bend home. The men stole jewelry from the women. Benet was shot when he tried to stop the men from stealing his Toyota. Benet was taken to Hermann Hospital in critical condition. The men are at large. They are believed to be in a late model Hyundai with Texas plates SNK 79N.

Amanda Cindy Garza, 15, of the 1100 block of Pugh in Galena Park, killed herself while playing with a .357-caliber pistol while riding with friends on the South Loop. At first, the friends panicked and reported the shooting as a drive-by shooting. No charges have been filed, but police are trying to determine who owns the gun as adults can be charged with allowing minors access to a gun. 11/29

Kenneth Wayne Cooper, 36, was found shot to death in a ditch in northeast Houston, in the 5400 block of Rand. 11/30

An unidentified man was found dead, shot in the stomach, at a northwest Houston apartment complex. 12/1

Maria Atalo Celedon, was found dead near her pickup which was stuck in a ditch at the intersection of Little York and Mesa. Ms. Celedon lived in the 100 block of Lyerly. She had a gunshot wound to the head. She was apparently robbed and killed after leaving her job at the Fiesta Mart at Airline and North Freeway. Charges have been filed against Steven Bernard Chambers. 12/1

Carlos L McMahon, 23, was found shot three times with a pistol. His body was found in his apartment in the 10200 block of Beechnut by a friend. 12/2

Manuel Hernandez, 17, of the 5900 block of Glenmont, was shot to death when a friend held a gun to Hernandez's back and it discharged. Police are asking for help in locating Hernandez' friend, Jose Omar Carcamo.. 12/3

Jeffery Kyle Grifford, 26, of the 4700 block of Frontier, was found in the l700 block of Andrews. He had been shot in the face and may have been dragged by a vehicle. 12/3

Cleoias O. Vega, 29, was shot to death while begging for his life in the 9700 block of Westheimer. When witnesses saw what was happening, they used cell phones to call the police. The police stopped the car and the occupants were arrested. Police said the shooting may have been the result of a lengthy feud originating in Mexico. 12/3

Carmen Crew, Jr., 3, shot off his finger with a loaded pistol he found in his parent's bedroom. The parents have been charged with felony abandonment and endangering a child. 12/4

Manuel Pedro Carranza, was using a pay phone in the 6700 block of Mullins when two cars drove up. A man got out of one car, shot Carranza in the chest, killing him. 12/4

Alexus Capetillo, 4, was being watched by her grandfather when she found a shotgun behind a door. It accidentally discharged, blowing off part of one of her fingers. Charges may be pending. 12/6

Michael Ramirez, 30, of the 1400 block of Wichita was shot in the upper torso at the She's Not Here Bar, 2619 Preston. He died later at Bayshore Hospital. Reyes Arrival Hernandez, 39, has been charged with the murder. Hernandez allegedly shot Ramirez because he was talking to the woman who was with Hernandez. 12/6

Juan Jose Ruiz Gallegos, 23, of the 9500 block of Longpoint. Gallegos and his friends had been robbed at gunpoint. They tracked down the robbers and when they approached them, Gallegos was shot and died later at Hermann Hospital. Christopher Aleman was charged in the murder. 12/15

Police are searching for a group of people who sprayed gunfire into a crowd at a birthday part killing Jose Louis Garcia, 23, and injuring 12 others. The shooting was outisde a house in the 1800 block of Mills. The party's honoree, Miguel "Tito" Garcia, who was celebrating his 21st birthday, was shot int he chest and was listed in critical condition. 12/15

Eric Lawrence Barrs, 30, critically wounds his ex-girlfirend, then kills himself. First he opened fire on Nikki Vial who was returning to her Kingwood home. She had broken up with him recently. Vial is in extremely critical condition. 12/19

Gregory Vyland was shot in the chest as he sat outside the Sak-N-Save store he managed in northwest Houston. He is being treated at Hermann Hospital. Police are looking for two young black men. 12/20

Mary Weipert, 50, was charged wtih aggravated assault on a public servant afer firing three rifle shots into the police chief's patrol car in Brazoria. Police were called after she fired on a neighbor's house. 12/19

Marie del Socorro Figueroa, 30, was found shot to death behind a Baptist church in a strip center in the 6200 block of Willowbend. She had apparently been shot when robbers were taking her car outside her aprtment in the 7200 block of Kingsgate Circle. Her employers at AutoZone at Hillcroft and Bellaire said she was a model employee. 12/19



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